Angel Blue wins the 2013 ACW American Joshi Queen of Queens

Angel Blue ACWIn last week’s Roundup, I made a prediction that either Angel Blue or Barbi Hayden would win Anarchy Championship Wrestling‘s American Joshi Queen of Queens, ultimately choosing Hayden to be the victor. As it turns out, he prediction for the final was right, but my selection of winner was incorrect, as it was Angel Blue who took the tournament, and also secured the Anarchy Televised Title in the process – making her a double champion, as she is also one half of the Tag Team Champions.

With thanks to ACW and IndyFanatics‘ tweets, here are the results from the show in Austin, TX last night:

Quarter finals
1. Angel Blue defeated Addy Starr
2. Leva Bates beat Angelus Layne
3. Athena retained the Anarchy Televised Championship by defeating Claudia del Solis
4. Barbi Hayden bested Su Yung
Semi finals
5. Angel Blue beat Leva Bates
6. Barbi Hayden defeated Athena to win the Anarchy Televised Championship
7. Angel Blue bested Barbi Hayden to win the American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament and the Anarchy Televised Championship.

The fact that an ACW regular should surprise nobody. As mentioned in the Roundup, every winner past the first one – where Daizee Haze won – has been someone who is regularly booked in the promotion. Hopefully the victory will see Blue’s profile expand and see her become a more wider-known and wider-travelled name, as she has seldom worked outside of Texas.

In addition, it is debatable about when this show will be released, if ever. ACW has not released any of its shows this year for MP4, VOD or DVD, with the last being the Showtime’s Birthday Bash show from November 12 last year. For some reason, ACW’s home viewing section has stalled, and really should be revived, considering the Queen of Queens show is one of their most popular of the year for the external market. If or when it is released, we will give it a full review – however, if you were in attendance at the show, we would love to know your thoughts. Leave them in the comments section below.

– Lee Burton
– Photo via Angel Blue’s Facebook


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