Wrestling… Yay! – Spotlight On: PWWA

PWWAContinuing on with the Australian theme from my last column, I think it’d be almost wrong if I didn’t at least have one column on our own PWWA.

I wish I could sit here and write that Australian Wrestling is full of extremely positive individuals that whole-heartedly support women’s wrestling. Unfortunately, it’s just not the case, and just like across the world, women’s wrestling fans (Warriors? Advocates?) are almost a rare breed. At times, to hear such negativity to come from people within or around the business about something that those of you that are reading this hold dear is frustrating. Especially when we literally have some of the most talented and exciting female wrestlers right in our very own country. I can’t tell you the amount of debates I have gotten into about this topic – I know, it shouldn’t matter what others think, but sometimes, to be dismissive of something that is great, if not greater than the main event just because the wrestlers are women, then it’s worth fighting for.

Formed in 2007, PWWA is the first established (and still the only) all women’s wrestling promotion currently operating in Australia. The company brings together the best female wrestlers in Australia, New Zealand and around the world. Up until a few months ago, it was also the only promotion outside of the United States to host a SHIMMER Women’s Wrestling Championship match, an achievement that the company holds proudly.

I first came across PWWA over DVD. I knew the promotion existed, and whilst I couldn’t travel to the shows, it was a great opportunity for me to be introduced to the product and get familiar. The card showcased matches such as Minx vs Eliza Sway, Kellie Skater vs Vixsin and Madison Eagles vs Aurora. I was hooked after the first showing, keen to see more of this ‘all female’ wrestling in the one place and even the girls themselves in action.

I was quick to get the second show in my hands. This time, the card featured matches such as Madison Eagles vs Kellie Skater, Vixsin vs Lola vs Jessie McKay and Vixsin & Madison Eagles vs Jessie McKay & Kellie Skater. It was almost like a ‘light bulb’ moment for me when I realised that in our small part of the world, PWWA had captured the best of the best and were on to a pretty awesome thing. And who could doubt it with talent such as:

Madison Eagles, deemed by many as one of the greatest Australian female wrestlers to ever step inside the ring. She is a former SHIMMER Champion and was ranked number 1 in PWI’s Top Female 50 in 2011. She has wrestled all over the world and is easily one of the most identifiable females in the PWWA brand. You can also see other reasons why she is so awesome in my last column.

Skater Evie CLPJessie McKay, Kellie Skater & Shazza McKenzie, who have all been working hard to develop and sharpen their skills, while also broaching out internationally to the likes of Japan, America & Canada. All three of these girls have wrestled on SHINE Wrestling and SHIMMER shows, which is an achievement that is a goal for many girls within the local wrestling scene. Additionally, Kellie Skater is the current SHIMMER Tag Team Champion with Tomoko Nakagawa.

– Alumni PWWA talent, Tenille Tayla, who also wrestled on SHIMMER, but has since signed with the WWE and is currently featured on the NXT roster as Emma. She recently participated in the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament, getting all the way to the final.

Evie, who became the very first (and last) New Zealand Women’s Champion for Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand. It was a hotly contested tournament which saw Megan-Kate, Britenay & Evie battle it out right until the very end. Evie also made a recent tour of the USA, debuting in SHIMMER & SHINE Wrestling.

Alex Lee is a former WWE developmental talent (under the name Leah West), she is currently sharpening her skills and wrestling in Japan.

Whenever a date for an upcoming PWWA show is announced, there is a certain buzz in the air. Being a part of these shows means something special, and no doubt would be a goal for so many girls in the Australian wrestling scene. Part of the mission statements of PWWA is as follows: “The PWWA women are driven by passion and the love of pro wrestling, and ultimately we want to entertain you, the fans, to the utmost of our abilities.” Not for a second can any of these women have their passion doubted. It’s there and it burns… bright!

To go to these shows, like I had the opportunity to do so last year, it is clear that the aim is about entertaining the fans & showcasing women to the best of their abilities. Evie v Kellie Skater for the Interim PWWA Championship by far stole the show with the harsh kicks and both girls not relenting until the match ended in a time limit draw. Additionally, Jessie McKay had an amazing showing with New Zealand’s Britenay, while Shazza McKenzie v Megan-Kate took each other to their limits. The atmosphere at the show is both respectful and appreciative amongst the fans; and the mutual respect amongst the wrestlers is also evident. It really does feel as though you are going home and being amongst family!

PWWA has been one of the greatest things to come out of Australian Wrestling, not only giving the women their own stage, but by giving women their voice. Furthermore, the PWWA women hold their affiliation to the company proudly, showcasing that their matches are more than just bathroom breaks, that it’s to be seen to be believed PWWA roster 2012 CLPand that you are really missing out if you don’t get an opportunity to see it.

The upcoming PWWA show in August, has already announced some great talent, Evie, Madison, Kellie Skater, Jessie McKay, Shazza McKenzie, KC Cassidy, Kellyanne English, Savannah Summers, Storm, Siren Monroe, Michelle K Hasluck, Olivia Shaw & Eliza Sway. It sure will prove hard for any wrestling fan to stay away from The Roxy in New South Wales on August 3!

I’ll leave you with this quote from the PWWA Souvenir booklet as part of their mission statement; “We, as professional wrestlers strive to be the best we can be. We never accept second rate, and never give up on our dreams.” – I think there is something in all of that for all of us, yes?

Wrestling… YAY!

– Rhi Lockwood

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– Photography by Cory Lockwood Photography


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