In Video: Madison Eagles & Storm in action

Pacific Pro Wrestling Madison Eagles Storm

A couple of days ago, Pacific Pro Wrestling uploaded its match between Madison Eagles and Storm from the March 16 show in Bundamba, QLD, Australia to decide the promotion’s first ever Women’s Champion. The reason why we’re posting this match for you this weekend is because Storm has had a pretty historic weekend, adding another country to the list of nations which she has wrestled.

Following an extended trip to the UK where she competed for All Star Wrestling, she made her Japanese debut yesterday, losing in the opening match of the latest Reina card alongside fellow Aussie Mighty Mel to Syuri and Hanako Nakamori. Meanwhile, the match is another example of why Madison Eagles is held in such high regard.

Incidentally, both women will be part of PWWA‘s August 3 show, with Storm’s match yet to be announced, though Eagles will take on Evie with the Women’s and Interim Women’s Championships on the line to unify the belts. You can read more about PWWA here, and you can find the match between Eagles and Storm after the jump.


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