Christina Von Eerie added to Bellatrix v SHIMMER

Christina Von EerieEight days ago at Bellatrix 6, we were informed that the first named as being part of the Bellatrix v SHIMMER show taking place in Norwich, England would be the promotion’s World Champion, Courtney Rush. Earlier today, the second name was revealed, and it’s someone Saraya Knight has developed a problem with on recent SHIMMER tapings…

Following a shoving match during the interval of the first day of tapings in Berwyn, IL back in April, Knight and Christina Von Eerie squared off on volume 55, with the former SHIMMER Champion seemingly getting the win after knocking the punk rocker out with a foreign object, only to see the decision reversed to allow Von Eerie to get the decision via DQ. The fortunes were reversed during volume 57 where Von Eerie pinned Knight in a six-woman tag match – with her using a foreign object for the KO and getting away with it.

There is always the possibility that the pair will cross paths at Bellatrix 7 on October 6 and continue their hostilities, though the roles may be reversed with Saraya being beloved and can (legitimately) claim that she was wronged on volume 57, which may cause hostility towards Von Eerie from the fans. From an impartial standpoint, both have wronged the other and may be looking for a decisive victory over the other. Alternatively, there are others who Von Eerie can test herself against – with a wealth of European talent, whoever she is lined up against will be a curious encounter.

As mentioned, another member of the incoming SHIMMER members will be the reigning champion, whoever that may be – currently, the woman holding the title is Cheerleader Melissa – and two others who are yet to be revealed.

You can read more about Rush’s addition to the card and how some of the Bellatrix roster are staying quite ambiguous with where their loyalties lie by checking out last week’s Ringbelles Roundup.

– Lee Burton


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