LuFisto to make UK debut at Bellatrix v SHIMMER

LuFistoThe third representative of the SHIMMER roster which will travel to the UK for October 6’s Bellatrix 7 iPPV was announced moments ago, and it’s someone who – like Bellatrix World Champion Courtney Rush, who was announced at the Bellatrix 6 show last month – is someone who has always expressed a desire to wrestle in UK.

It’s LuFisto, who made her return from the exploded kneecap which she suffered at SHIMMER Volume 53 at last Saturday’s NCW: Femmes Fatales XII show in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She’s not exactly easing herself back into things either – she was half of a physical contest against Kimber Lee on that show, and this Friday, could potentially wrestle up to four matches as part of the SHINE 11 iPPV, where she has replaced Taylor Made in the four-way qualifier to see who makes it to the quarter finals of the SHINE Championship tournament.

Despite having wrestled for 16 years, the Super Hardcore Anime has yet to get a British stamp in her passport. On October 6, that will change. Like Christina Von Eerie, who was announced last week, LuFisto has history with Bellatrix promoter Saraya Knight. The pair battled at Femmes Fatales XI with Knight successfully defending the SHIMMER Championship. In addition, they will meet at Femmes Fatales XIII on October 26 in a tag team affair, with Mercedes Martinez and Knight squaring off against LuFisto and Sweet Cherrie. It looks like the scary Brit may have her hands full with wrestlers who have ongoing issues with her in other promotions.

As of now, we do not know who her opponent will be – nor those for Von Eerie or Rush, though we know Courtney will defend her title on the card – nor do we know the final two competitors who will represent SHIMMER. However, we know one will be the reigning SHIMMER Champion, whomever that may be – and as it stands that will be Cheerleader Melissa.

We will keep you updated with roster announcements as they happen, but if we assume that Melissa will be member number 4, who do you think the 5th will be? Leave us your guess in the comments section below.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Eric Salottolo


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