Fight Like A Guy: Kevin Harvey on the School of Everything Else

Kevin Harvey

SHIMMER Women Athletes‘ production assistant/lackey/Saraya Knight punching bag Kevin Harvey has a new project – as a wrestling manager, commentator, ring announcer and anything else required of him, he has identified a gap in the market for the School of Everything Else, launching shortly in Berwyn, IL.

As an independent wrestler, you already know how to do the moves, now learn the skills of the promo, how to develop your character and the “everything else” that will make you a more rounded (and more valuable) performer. We quiz Kevin on his vision for the school, what the SEE will actually cover, the set-up of the classes, his own personal influences and exactly what makes Kevin the man to teach these skills. We fully endorse what Kevin is trying to do with this, so if you’re in the wrestling business and are looking for that next step in your development, please have a listen and SEE your potential.

(left click on picture to stream, right click and “save as” to download)

Contact Kevin by email | twitter | facebook | Telephone: (630) 708-6733
School of Everything Else on facebook


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