Tsukasa Fujimoto unifies ICEx60 and IW19 titles, new challenger named, former champion to return

Tsukasa FujimotoTsukasa Fujimoto is Ice Ribbon‘s ICEx60 Champion for a fourth time, after defeating Tsukushi in the main event of their supercard at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo Japan today. In doing so, the 29 year also unified that title and the IW19 championship which Fujimoto was already in possession of – effectively dissolving the IW19 title in favour of the more prestigious belt. Fujimoto claimed the title in a 15 minute contest with the Venus Shoot (springboard enzuigiri) to win the belt, making her the third woman to hold the title in 2013.

Following her victory, Battle-news reports that a number of announcements were made – including a change in criteria for the championship, the next challenger, and the return of a former titleholder from injury…

The ICEx60 Title is named as such because it can only be challenged for by wrestlers who are under the weight of 60kg, which is roughly 132lb. This came into play when Hamuko Hoshi wanted to challenge for the belt, as she was shown trying to lose weight to contend for the title. However, that rule has been abandoned – which may also mean a change in the championship’s name – and consequently, a woman who has never competed for the title will now have a shot.

Weighing in at 65kg, Manami Toyota was ineligible to compete for the championship, but she has been announced as the first challenger, with the match taking place at Korakuen Hall on August 25. On today’s card, Toyota defeated Neko Nitta with an Ocean Cyclone Suplex.

Also announced was the return of the woman who came into 2013 as ICEx60 Champion, Maki Narumiya. She was forced to vacate the title around a week after winning the belt at RibbonMania 2012 after suffering a severe neck injury, but returned to training a month ago. She will also return on the August 25 Korakuen show.

Full Results (via Open The Puroresu Gate)
1. Hamuko Hoshi & Kurumi beat Hailey Hatred & Kasey Owens in 10:04. Kurumi pinned Owens with La Magistral.
2. Cherry & Meari Naito beat Mio Shirai & Miyako Matsumoto in 8:16. Cherry pinned Matsumoto after Spring Night Love.
3. Aoi Kizuki vs. Makoto went to a 15 minute time limit draw.
4. Hikaru Shida beat Syuri in 15:15.
5. Nanae Takahashi & Eri Susa beat Risa Sera & Rutsuko Yamaguchi in 13:23. Takahashi pinned Yamaguchi after Refrigerator Bomb.
6. Manami Toyota beat Neko Nitta in 16:05.
7. ICEx60 Championship/IW19 Championship: Tsukasa Fujimoto beat Tsukushi in 15:28 to win both titles. Fujimoto wins the title for the 4th time and becomes the 18th ICEx60 Singles Champion.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by @nakajimakazu


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