In Video: The ECTA Women's Title Tournament

Lady LoryJust over a week ago, the Europe Tour Catch Association held a four woman tournament at its show in Gravelines, France to determine its first ever Women’s Champion. As we revealed in last week’s Roundup, the whole shebang was won by Lady Lory, so the winner shouldn’t be any surprise – however, you can now see her route to the title as part of the one night tourney.

The four combatants vying for the belt all hailed from different countries. Lory represented Germany, Queen Maya flew the flag for Italy, Skarlett came from the UK while Morgane Leigh was the national hero, as she hailed from France. In the semi finals, Lory took on Maya, while Skarlett faced Leigh.

You can see the whole tournament after the jump and see just how the German ascended to the gold, and how she tried to stick her nose in everybody’s business in doing so. You can also see just how much of a battle it was to claim the title in the final.


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