Money In The Bank: the Black Widow strikes again

AJ Lee WWEKaitlyn gets her rematch against WWE Divas Champion and former friend and tag team partner AJ Lee, who has been tormenting her since winning the title at Payback last month.

The Background
• After winning the championship (and following a dressing down by Stephanie McMahon which went nowhere), AJ continued to poke the ribs of the former titleholder, dressing up as Kaitlyn to gloat over how she had humiliated her. This was followed up with Kaitlyn returning the favour, impersonating the new champion. AJ responded by showing a photoshopped image of Kaitlyn to make her look overweight, though instead of getting angry, Kaitlyn brushed it off as being infantile.
• The go-home segment on last Friday’s SmackDown saw the first ever Diva contract signing, which saw AJ again get one-up on her opponent, reading out text messages that Kaitlyn sent to her “secret admirer” – which turned out to be Big E Langston as part of an AJ ruse – bitching about Natalya, Cameron and Naomi. Kaitlyn responded by beating on AJ, slapping Langston and spearing the champion to leave her laying in the ring.

The Match
• Before the match, it was revealed that Kaitlyn had hyperextended her elbow with the spear on SmackDown, resulting in her having to wear a brace on her left arm.
• The challenger came out of the blocks strongly, but when the action spilled to the outside the titleholder got the edge by shoving Kaitlyn’s injured arm into the ring post before taking over with hammerlocks and crossface chicken wings, mocking her opponent as she went.
• Kaitlyn mounted a comeback after powering out of a chinlock with a backbreaker before connecting with dropkicks and shoulderblocks before hitting an inverted DDT for a two count.
• Taking control again with a Divorce Court, AJ climbed to the top but was shoved off by the challenger, though Lee fell into the protective arms of Langston, who returned her to the ring where she ate a spear by Kaitlyn – however in doing so, she further injured her arm, giving AJ the time to deliver a mule kick and locking on the Black Widow for the tap out victory.

Kaitlyn AJ Lee WWE• First off, this match wasn’t as good as their contest at Payback, nor was the build-up, which – apart from the great contract signing segment – was juvenile and weak for the most part. This was reflected in the crowd interest, which was a lot less than last month’s match. Overall, this was a step down from the previous PPV, and the match itself was OK at best.
• Kaitlyn’s character is screwed. No title, no dignity, no friends – apart from Layla, who is still inexplicably by her side – and two defeats via submission to her rival means that her credibility is shot. She may still redeem it, but who is going to support someone who has been shown to be a melodramatic loser who seeks affection from mystery men and screws over her friends by talking crap about them behind their backs? Is this a babyface we’re supposed to feel sorry for?
• In her defence, her promos have improved in the last month, and her intensity is better than it has ever been. However, the booking has really done a number on her in order to elevate AJ.
• Speaking of AJ, she’s really getting into her stride as the top woman in the division. The mannerisms, character and partnership with Big E all work.
• Last month, it was reported that the Payback match was made longer as a response to the Last Knockout Standing match between Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell at Slammiversary. In the end, while it was an admirable effort, it didn’t surpass TNA‘s effort. One could assume that this contest is a rebuttal to Kim and Terrell’s Ladder Match on last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling. As it turns out, this one also fell short.
• You would imagine that the storyline between AJ and Kaitlyn is done. AJ has defeated her for the title and successfully defended it, so there really isn’t anymore claim to the championship by Kaitlyn. Challengers may come in the form of possibly Layla or even Natalya as part of the Total Divas show, but it’s difficult to see where this division will go next.


Incidentally, AJ’s smile was rubbed off her face later on in the show when she interfered in the World Heavyweight Championship match, accidentally costing her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler the chance to regain the title from Alberto Del Rio. Understandably upset, he left her in the ring.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by WWE


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