In Video: Kirsty Love v Jigsaw

Kirsty Love JigsawNo pun intended, we love Kirsty Love here at Ringbelles. With a fun character – regardless of whether she is working face or heel – the Scot has one of the widest ranges of facial expressions in wrestling, and it really helps to convey the story. Sure, at times it’s a little hammy – but therein lies her charm, and she has charm in spades.

As well as grappling in her home country, she regularly crosses the border south to South Shields in England to wrestling for RAD:PRO Wrestling, which has the feel of a British version of CHIKARA. Sure, it’s in its early days but with a range of colourful characters and no boundaries when it comes to men wrestling women, you can see similarities. It is one of Kirsty’s RAD:PRO matches which we have for you this weekend, against a CHIKARA original.

In May, Love – who had already become one half of the first Mixed Tag Team Champions alongside Rubix Roach – had the opportunity to main event the promotion’s EmbryoniX 1.8 show against former Young Lions Cup Champion and two-time winner of the Campeonatos de Parejas, Jigsaw. The video quality may not be the best, but the complete match – which is Love’s toughest test to date – has been uploaded to YouTube, and we have it for you here. Decide for yourself about how she fared.


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