In Video: Paige crowned the first NXT Women's Champion

Paige NXTWhile we reported it under a spoiler warning a month ago, now that it has been broadcast we can just come out and say it. Paige is the first NXT Women’s Champion after beating Tamina Snuka, Alicia Fox and Emma in the final to win the title.

The match itself is arguably the best women’s contest to take place in a WWE ring in 2013, and possibly even longer than that. In a match which saw big headbutt, DilEMMAs, superplexes and the RamPaige, it was the Brit’s Paige Turner finisher which saw her garner the championship.

At the time, it was reported that Paige’s colleagues had come out to congratulate her on her victory. We expected that to be broadcast, but couldn’t be sure if the appearance by WWE COO Triple H would be shown as well. Happily, it was – and it helped to rubber stamp the 20-year old’s most significant victory in her 19-month run as a WWE employee.

We have got hold of the match for you to watch – it’s after the jump, so click away and enjoy the complete match which was the opening contest on the show, but could have easily fit in the main event slot.


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