Portia Perez travels to Scotland in September

Portia Perez Kay Lee Ray Carmel Jacob

These days, wrestlers have great opportunities to travel overseas to expand their horizons. Just this year, Nikki Storm has travelled to Japan and will be venturing to the US in October. Alpha Female has also completed a second Japan trip and will be returning later this year. Leah Von Dutch spent a month competing across the UK, while Crazy Mary Dobson also made a flying visit to Scotland in May, and is currently in Japan, working alongside Allysin Kay and Jessica James. Kasey Owens is also in the middle of a Japan trip, and Shanna is wrestling across the east coast of the States. As you can see, there is a lot of travelling going on, but all of this is old hat to Portia Perez.

Back in 2006, Perez – then a 3-year pro – embarked on a European tour, spending a month wrestling in Ireland’s Irish Whip Wrestling and England’s All Star Wrestling, travelled south of the border to wrestle for SHIMMER, went even further south to Mexico to be part of AAA and returned to Europe at the tail end of the year, taking in more ring time in Ireland and England, and also went to the continent for France’s Queens Of Chaos. 2007 saw her return Portia Perez is a tweeting machineto Europe for a third time, and spent two weeks wrestling in France, Germany and Switzerland for American Wrestling Rampage. She discusses a lot of this in our interview with her as part of the second ever Women Of Wrestling Podcast. Perez was working all over the world before there were a slew of women’s promotions to work for.

In the last four years, Portia has not returned to Europe, though has made two trips to Japan and is in Australia for New Horizons Pro Wrestling‘s Global Conflict show – but this September, the 25-year old will return to the UK to take on two of Scotland’s best as part of a pair of matches for Premier British Wrestling.

The former SHIMMER Tag Team Champion, Anarchy Championship Wrestling American Joshi Champion and ACW Heavyweight Champ will take on Kay Lee Ray in Larbert on September 20 for her first match, and will face Carmel Jacob the following day in Alloa.

So that takes up the Friday and Saturday – but it might be worth a mention that Insane Championship Wrestling: Fierce Females holds its third show in Glasgow on the Sunday. Just saying.

– Lee Burton


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