Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling #5 & #6 results – La Rosa Negra defeats Cheerleader Melissa

BLOW posterPro Wrestling Syndicate‘s all-female offshoot Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling is back in what – until earlier this week – we thought was a DVD taping, but yesterday, we were informed that the show in Iselin, NJ was going to be broadcast on iPPV. You can order the show here.

On the fourth instalment in May, La Rosa Negra won the Bombshells Championship from Missy Sampson right after Sampson had defeated Mickie Knuckles to retain the belt. The finish was a confusing one, as Negra won via referee stoppage in a faux-MMA style, declaring that Sampson was unable to continue. On this show, the champion puts the belt on the line against debuting Cheerleader Melissa after getting past Angelina Love last month at a PWS show.

Elsewhere on the card, Love takes on Shelly Martinez, and Jessie Kaye, Mistress Belmont & Jennifer Cruz make their debuts. We will be updating results as they happen, so click after the jump to keep up with the winners and losers…

1. Shelly Martinez pinned Angelina Love with an STO.
2. Jessie Kaye defeated Sumie Sakai with two chokeslams.
Missy Sampson confronted referee Kevin Keenan who stopped the match to award La Rosa Negra the Bombshells Title and he revealed that he was following the orders of the new Commissioner Vinny Fenucci. He then proceeded to run Sampson down for how she looks, saying she wasn’t attractive enough to be part of the roster.
Shelly Martinez Angelina Love3. Missy Sampson & Annie Social beat Amber Rodriguez & Jennifer Cruz. Sampson pinned Cruz with a T-Gimmick. As a result of getting the pin, Sampson earns a shot at the Bombshells Title. After the match, Rodriguez turned heel on Cruz, and Jessie Kaye joined in on the beating.
4. Mistress Belmont pinned Alexxis Nevaeh with the Slave Driver.
5. La Rosa Negra defeated Cheerleader Melissa to retain the PWS Bombshells Championship by pinning Melissa with her feet on the ropes after hitting her with the belt.


1. Alexxis Nevaeh beat Annie Social with a Codebreaker.
2. Mistress Belmont defeated Veda Scott with the Slave Driver. Alexxis Nevaeh, Jessie Kaye & Amber Rodriguez ran in to attack both Belmont and Scott before Cruz made the save with a kendo stick.
3. Chasity Taylor & Johnny Silver beat Amber O’Neal & Craig Steele. Taylor pinned O’Neal with a schoolgirl.
4. La Rosa Negra defeated Missy Sampson via referee stoppage to retain the PWS Bombshells Championship. Annie Social accidentally knocked out Sampson with a Yakuza Kick and Negra locked in a Boston Crab while the referee let her arm drop three times.

• I’ve been pretty rough on BLOW shows in the past – check here, here and here if you don’t believe me – so I went into this show with more than my fair share of trepidation about what I would see. As it turns out, it had its moments.
• First off, PWS marketed this as two shows, but it wasn’t. It was a nine match card with some wrestlers doing double duty. However, effort was made to add some storylines to the shows, especially focusing on the controversy over La Rosa Negra’s title win.
• Angelina Love – who was wearing a top which looks like it was borrowed from Velvet Sky – and Shelly Martinez kicked off the show in good fashion. Working heel, Love went after Martinez as the latter performed her upside-down stance in the ropes which she did as Ariel in ECW, and did well to slow the pace down and get the crowd to turn against her, which allowed them to get into Martinez’s comeback and hit the STO for the win. After beating Serena Deeb on the last show and Love here, Shelly is on a roll.
• It’s hard to get into Jessie Kaye. It’s not because of her wrestling, which seems to be fine and she works as a larger opponent well, but because of the first impressions you get of her. Firstly, the name – it’s far too close to Jessie McKay, who is more well-known and accomplished. It’s just too Cheerleader Melissa La Rosa Negrasimilar, and considering it isn’t her real name while McKay’s is, it makes you wonder why she picked a moniker so close to a more famous peer. She then compounds this by using AFI’s Prelude as a theme, which is now synonymous with Madison Eagles. I’m not saying that anyone has exclusivity over a piece of music but why would you select something which is so closely associated with arguably the best female wrestler in the world today?
• In May 1986, Jake Roberts delivered a DDT to Ricky Steamboat on the outside of the ring on exposed concrete to kick off his first WWF feud. The move knocked Steamboat out cold and left him with a legitimate concussion. On this show, Kaye’s first move was a DDT on the floor to Sumie Sakai – who was wearing a mask and referring to herself as the Tokyo Terror – and was designed to get the heat. Sakai was running around and delivering top rope dropkicks within 2 minutes of taking the DDT, which caused me to lose all suspension of disbelief. Kaye won an extended squash with two chokeslams, which got her over as a threat – but she’s got a lot of kinks to iron out, and a name and music change is definitely in order, as it lacks originality and individuality.
• Missy Sampson then took to the ring to ask referee Kevin Keenan for an explanation as to why he called for the bell in her impromptu title defence against La Rosa Negra, which led to the revelation what the new commissioner didn’t think she was a marketable champion. Great – all wrestling needs is another heel authority figure. He then threw out a mystifying stip, saying that whoever got the pin in Sampson’s match would gain a title shot. If he was so adamant that he didn’t want Sampson to be champion, why throw her a lifeline?
• That ruling bit him on the arse straight away, as Sampson got the pin in her tag match to earn the shot. It was a weird match with the babyfaces getting the heat for the most part and heel Jennifer Cruz getting the hot tag. Amber Rodriguez then turned on her real-life cousin, though it didn’t mean much, as they had only been a team for 10 minutes – however, Rodriguez seemed confident on the mic and has a swagger to her. Kaye joined in on the attack, which was never really explained. Too much stuff happened before and after this match.
• I watched a New England Championship Wrestling match between Mistress Belmont and Alexxis Nevaeh the other day where Belmont was the heel and Nevaeh was the face. It was the other way around here, and I honestly preferred it in NECW. The dark, manic Belmont lends herself to be more of a tormenter, and Alexxis has fire as a face. This felt all upside-down. The match itself was fine though.
• I was keen to watch La Rosa Negra’s title defence against Cheerleader Melissa, but the internet connection in the building had other ideas as it cut out during Rosa’s entrance and didn’t return until after the match had ended. The match was replayed after the event, but sitting in front of your computer looking at a test card for more than 15 minutes is a frustrating experience.
Veda Scott Mistress Belmont• As it turns out the match was quite good, with the pair brawling around the building and Rosa getting in her fair share. The finish came when she pulled the ref into a charging Melissa, then hit the challenger with the belt and pinned her while her feet were on the ropes.
• Following a really long intermission, the 6th edition of BLOW was brought to us – and if this is individually released as a 4 match card with a lot of padding, I’d be shocked. Nevaeh got some heat back by beating Annie Social, who ended up being more of a vehicle for the Sampson storyline rather than having anything personally specific to do. Alexxis has real skills.
• Belmont made it two for two by beating Veda Scott, but the real tale came after the match when Rodriguez, Kaye and Nevaeh hit the ring to attack both wrestlers, only for Cruz to make the save with a kendo stick. This faction and feud all feels a bit rushed to me, but I appreciate the intention to give us a reason for matches to take place.
• Silvie Silver was meant to be Johnny Silver’s partner in the mixed tag match against Amber O’Neal and Craig Steele, but she wasn’t there, so Johnny was given the chance to pick any partner he wanted. He picked debuting interviewer Chasity Taylor, who for the previous segment was on a public relations mission to get the crowd to warm to her by chatting to them and starting a Mexican wave. O’Neal revealed that she was training Chasity but she wasn’t ready to compete but slapped her about, causing Taylor to retaliate. In truth, the only thing Chasity did was roll up Amber for the pin while O’Neal was watching the men brawl to the outside, but it got over well. Chasity is still nowhere near ready for a bona fide match but she is really personable and has good facials.
La Rosa Negra Missy Sampson• Sampson’s title challenge to La Rosa Negra was pretty short, and suffered from having the exact same ref bump as in Rosa’s match with Melissa. Commissioner Vinny accompanied Rosa to the ring for her match and got involved after the ref was knocked down, but he was confronted by Annie Social – though her Yakuza Kick missed the intended target and hit Missy instead, and she was sent packing to the outside. Rosa locked in a Boston Crab to an unconscious Sampson as the match was stopped, meaning Missy once again lost by referee stoppage.
• I’m curious as to where Sampson’s journey to the title will go from here. She was ostensibly gifted a title shot, which I feel came too soon for a struggle against a heel champion backed by a heel authority figure, but the people seem to be behind her and she will probably regain the title in a storyline which proves that talent and desire are more important than the perceived visual criteria to be a ‘Bombshell’. It’s like the promotion is trying subvert the name of its own promotion to give it more credibility.
• As a show – and I count this as one – it was BLOW’s best effort yet. The wrestling had nothing standing out as being horrible, efforts were made to create factions, though no explanation has been offered as to why Rodriguez was so quick to turn on her cousin or align herself with two people who she seemingly has little in common with, and there is a programme surrounding the title. It’s a huge disappointment that the money match of the show was not able to be viewed because of technical problems, and the promotion as a whole is still pretty missable, but it’s improving – and that’s all you can ask for.

– Lee Burton


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