Lin Byron vacates the WNC Women's Championship

Lin ByronIn 280 BC, Greek King Pyrrhus of Epirus’ army defeated the Romans during the Pyrrhic War. The following year, they fended off the Romans again, with the Italians suffering more casualties. However, their army was larger, which left the Greeks at a disadvantage, despite winning. Such occasions since then where the price of victory was too great are now known as Pyrrhic victories, and it seems Lin Byron experienced one on Thursday.

We reported on Byron’s win over Serena Deeb at Wrestling New Classic‘s Tokyo show where she successfully defended the Women’s Championship – becoming the first female champion in either WNC or previous company SMASH to do so – but during the match, she suffered an injury which turned out to be a fracture in her left foot. The break will force her onto the shelf for at least a month – therefore, the decision has been made to declare the championship vacant.

A new titleholder will be crowned over the course of a week next month as part of a round robin tournament. Deeb will be joined by former WNC Women’s Champions Makoto and Syuri for the proceedings – Serena meets Makoto on August 3 in Yokohama; Makoto takes on Syuri on the 7th in Hakata, and Syuri faces Deeb on the 8th in Kumamoto. The new champion will be decided on the 10th in Kagoshima between two pair with the highest scores.

– Lee Burton


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