PWWA Champions United results: Evie v Madison Eagles in a title unification match

PWWA posterFor the last year, there have been two Pro Women’s Wrestling Alliance Champions – Madison Eagles held onto the championship during her convalescence for her knee injury, but in the meantime, Evie claimed the Interim Championship by beating Megan-Kate, Kellie Skater and Jessie McKay. Since Eagles’ return in January, both wrestlers have closed in on each other, and today sees them collide to determine who is the true PWWA Champion. The question is: has Eagles – through no fault of her own – given the upstart New Zealander too much time to settle into her role as Champion to the point where she is too tough to beat, or can she reclaim her spot as the sole top dog in PWWA?

Elsewhere on the card, there are a slew of debuting women like Olivia Shaw, Demi Bennett, Izzy, Shadow Shinobi and Ashley Sparks as well as the first ever PWWA Champion Skater facing the increasingly impressive Kellyanne English.

NHB Girls is at the show in Parramatta in the Sydney area and will have exclusive interviews coming up too. Click after the jump to catch the results, and find out who is going to be the Undisputed PWWA Champion…

1. Shazza McKenzie defeated Olivia Shaw with the Shaztastic Stunner
2. KC Cassidy pinned Storm with a double underhook DDT
3. Siren Monroe beat Shadow Shinobi with a running powerslam
4. Eliza Sway & Harley Wonderland bested Fly Girl & Ashley Sparks
5. Kellyanne English defeated Kellie Skater
6. Michelle K Hasluck b Arianna Snow
7. Demi Bennett & Izzy defeated Blair Alexis & Savannah Summers. Bennett picked up the win with a missile dropkick.
8. Undisputed PWWA Championship: Interim PWWA Champion Evie pinned PWWA Champion Madison Eagles to unify the titles and become the Undisputed PWWA Champion.


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