Taryn Terrell taking time away from TNA; what effect this could have on the Knockouts division

Taryn TerrellFor those of you wondering why Taryn Terrell has been absent from TNA TV for more than a month, the answer was revealed in this week’s Wrestling Observer, where it was reported that she is taking time off for personal reasons and isn’t expected back any time soon. PWInsider clarified the situation saying that she is dealing with a family matter and she is not in trouble or in danger of being released.

While we wish her well, the situation is a blow for her professionally. Her last appearance on Impact Wrestling was the Ladder Match with Gail Kim which was taped on June 29 in Las Vegas, NV, and broadcast on Spike on July 7, and despite the loss, the Observer reports that she was to win the Knockouts Championship from Mickie James at Bound For Glory in October. While she could return in time for that to still happen, there is still no guarantee that she will be ready to come back to TNA by then. This also leaves TNA with a problem, as it is another reduction in the Knockouts roster…

In the past month, TNA has released Tara and Taeler Hendrix and allowed Madison Rayne‘s contract to expire without renewal. Brooke Tessmacher is also nowhere to be seen and with the absence of Terrell – who is ostensibly Tessmacher’s replacement – that leaves four Knockouts as part of the main roster. They are James, Kim, Velvet Sky, and ODB – who recently returned from a long stint as a referee to wrestle Kim, though is also filling out the numbers. However, a question mark also hangs over the head of the Knockouts Champion, whose contract is expiring soon.

Considering TNA’s belt-tightening as of late, it will be interesting to see what offer the company makes to Mickie and whether that’s acceptable to her. If it isn’t and she moves on, that cuts the roster even further, which puts TNA in quite the dilemma.

Ivelisse Velez Lei'D TapaShould she go and Terrell is still nowhere close to coming back, that would leave them with three women as full-time wrestlers – and that’s nowhere close to enough for a decent roster. With all the cost-cutting going on, TNA can’t conceivably justify shelling out money to bring in wrestlers, so how will it swell the division without breaking the bank? The answer may lie in Louisville, KY.

Despite the Taeler Hendrix deal going south, Lei’D Tapa is still on the books in Ohio Valley Wrestling and is in the middle of a monster push en route to the Women’s Championship. While she may not have received as much seasoning in OVW as TNA would have liked, it may be that she could be called up sooner than planned to offer a new dimension to the Knockouts roster. In addition, the Blossom Twins are there, and they have TNA experience thanks to British Boot Camp, so could be brought in a new babyfaces. Turn ODB, and you could have three heels – Kim, Tapa & ODB – and three faces – Sky & the Blossoms – which could add some spice to a division which is getting quite desperate. After all, necessity is the mother of all invention, and the Knockouts situation certainly needs some drastic attention.

– Lee Burton


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