WSU – Getting Ready To Rumble this weekend; plus thoughts on

WSU Uncensored Rumble Poster This Saturday sees the return of one of the most well known events on the Women Superstars Uncensored calendar – the Uncensored Rumble. Last year’s Rumble show was the last event run under the old management, so this year’s event is the first one overseen by Drew Cordeiro, and it promises a fresh influx of talent to the promotion to complement the established WSU roster members. We’ve been quietly looking forward to this one for a while too… while the last WSU event was well received by this website, it was a intergender show with CZW male talent, and had the feeling of a placeholder show – so quite frankly, I’m looking forward to a (pretty much) straight-ahead women’s card where we can advance (and settle) some feuds.

We have seven matches scheduled, including the Rumble itself, headlined by a WSU World Title defence by Jessicka Havok, as she goes 2/3 falls with the current #1 contender (and the ‘Queen of the Ring’) Athena. There had been a bit of a logjam of top contenders growing to try and unseat Havok, so I’m glad we’re starting to get somewhere – as underneath the title match, we’ve also got a match between Lexxus (last year’s Rumble winner) and Nevaeh (who defeated Havok in CZW action) to determine the next contender. The only person left out in the cold at present appears to be LuFisto, who had been due a title shot at Havok at the ‘Queen and King of the Ring’ show in May, only to be forced out through injury – but I’m certain the Super Hardcore Anime will be back in WSU action sooner rather than later.

Havok vs Athena as a main event promises a lot. They met in one of the featured matches at ‘An Ultraviolent Affair’ in February of this year, where they put on a spectacular effort – eclipsing 17 Athena Jessicka Havok WSUtheir match at ACW the previous year – ending with a brutal Air Raid Crash win for Havok. Since then, they were the two undoubted stars of the Queen and King of the Ring event – Athena winning the tournament, and Havok having an out of control brawl with Sami Callihan. It’s very much up in the air who will win at this point. Similarly with the #1 contender match, Lexxus has been the forgotten #1 contender for so long (over a year) that it seems like she deserves a title shot, but Nevaeh, as a regular in CZW seems like an ideal person to push as the WSU/CZW partnership continues.

One major loss for this show is the lack of Allysin Kay, who is currently working and training in Japan – so in lieu of a Midwest Militia Tag Team Title defence, we have a #1 contender match in the tag team division also, with the team of Kimber Lee & Annie Social looking to secure their top contendership going forward against the team of Veda Scott & Jessie Brooks. For our money, the team of Chicks Using Nasty Tactics look nailed on to take this one – though they would argue that management have issues with their team. Jenny Rose wins.  Photo: Snapmare DropsThere’s also a first time ever match between Christina Von Eerie and Jenny Rose, and a mixed tag grudge match with Addy Starr & Matt Tremont taking on Chris Dickinson and an unknown partner. Quite who would want to team with “Dirty” Dickinson might be the bigger question, but Addy Starr’s intergender heroism against the violent Dickinson has certainly been one of the highlights of the new era of WSU. There are lots of long-running issues to be settled on Saturday… and one of the longest is what can only be described as ‘The Niya Saga’, where Niya gets one final shot at securing her roster spot with a match against Jana. Jana, if you remember, was the special referee who missed seeing Niya’s foot on the ropes during her ‘Uncensored Opportunity’ back at An Ultraviolent Affair. Apropos of nothing, I wonder if Ezavel Suena will be in the Rumble?

Ahhhh, the Rumble. This is where things get interesting – and this is where a LOT of new talent is going to get a chance to shine. We’ve already had confirmation of the Rumble entries of Portugal’s Perfect Athlete Shanna (whose good looks have already landed her a poster slot), recent TNA release Taeler Hendrix, Canadian talents Jodi D’Milo & Xandra Bale, ACW standout Barbi Hayden and the woman who wields the Headband of Power, Santana Garrett. With a bunch of other talents due to debut at a secret show tomorrow night (we’ve been told up to a dozen new names), we might also expect to see Uncensored Rumble slots open up for ACW’s Claudia Del Solis, another Canadian in Jewells Malone, Cherry Layne or Nyla Rose. WSU’s twitter account yesterday confirmed at least 20 wrestlers will be in the Rumble, so that’s going to include both new names and the undercard names as well. It’s literally impossible to call at this time, which is pretty much exactly as you want it.


WSU’s other big launch recently was – a streaming video site for WSU’s back catalogue of shows. With digital delivery of content clearly the future of anybody with a video product, it’s smart for WSU to get a foothold in this market early. While single match downloads are available on ClickWrestle on a match by match basis, gives the Havok interviewuser full DVDs worth of content at a time – for the monthly flat rate of $9.99. We’ve had a look at it, and the first thought we had was that it looks and operates rather like the similar Wrestling Is service. For fans of WSU (and women’s wrestling in general), if you’re likely to want to consume more than a couple of matches a month, this is likely to be right up your alley. Financially, for the equivalent of buying a DVD every month, StreamWSU already has over 20 previous DVD releases (including several two-disc releases) – and from what we’ve been told, when additions are made to the lineup, nothing is taken away, so in theory, over time, WSU could house their entire back catalogue on here, available 24/7. StreamWSU also currently has the Jessicka Havok “best of” DVD on there for streaming, plus a near 20 minute exclusive interview with Havok which for want of a better term is basically a DVD bonus feature – as she talks Nicholas Kaye through the matches on that selfsame collection. Hopefully we’ll see some more exclusive interview footage on the service going forward.

The reason we’re mentioning StreamWSU in conjunction with our preview for Uncensored Rumble is because anybody purchasing the iPPV of the Rumble this weekend (available via can forward a receipt to WSU and be awarded a free three day trial of the service. More than worth your while.

— Stew Allen


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