Fight Like A Girl: Melanie Cruise

Melanie Cruise Heather Randy Fry

Melanie Cruise is a tough woman to pin down. After circumstances meant that our opportunity to talk to the statuesque 6 footer from Illinois fell through, it’s taken us a while to get the chance to speak to her. Why? She’s rushed off her feet with wrestling – something which she discusses in our latest Fight Like A Girl.

The 26-year old talks to us about being the sole woman in Blitz Pro Wrestling and what she has planned for this Saturday’s show in Joliet, IL, being overrun with bookings so close to her home, how she has changed over the last year and which former SHIMMER Champion has helped her with that, adjusting for working against men or women, as well as the concussion she suffered earlier this year. Melanie Cruise has a lot going on and is excited about the future. Listen to the interview and find out why.

(left click on picture to stream, right click and “save as” to download)

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