Serena Deeb wins the WNC Women's Championship

Serena Deeb WNCWhile nobody wants to see a wrestler injured, it has reaped rewards for Serena Deeb, who turned a negative into a positive to snare the Wrestling New Classic Women’s Championship today after making history for the wrong reasons late last month.

That history was because she became the first woman to challenge for either the SMASH or WNC women’s belts and not walk away with the title, as she was defeated by Lin Byron. However, Byron’s celebrations were short lived as she was forced to vacate the championship the following day due to breaking a bone in her left foot.

As a result, Deeb and former champions Syuri and Makoto were booked to take part in a round robin to determine a new titleholder. Serena took the first victory by beating Makoto a week ago in Yokohama; Syuri also notched up a win against Makoto on Wednesday in Hakata, and Deeb then defeated Syuri the following day in Kumamoto. As a result, Syuri and Serena were deemed eligible to fight for the vacant belt as they had the most victories, with Deeb gaining the championship earlier today in Kagoshima with her trusty spear.

The win marks the first title that Serena has won since her return from injury in March following 18 months on the shelf with a career-threatening concussion. It is also the first title that the 27-year old has won in Japan, and also makes her the first gaijin female titleholder in either WNC or its predecessor SMASH. According to her booking dates which she announced on Twitter, she is due to stay in Japan until mid-September, which means she will either be dropping the title in the next five weeks – or like Dark Angel in Stardom, will leave the country still in possession of a joshi title.

Either way, the title victory marks a successful resurgence to prominence for Serena Deeb and must rank as one of the shining moments in her career.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Serena Deeb


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