WSU Uncensored Rumble VI – New faces shine on re-jigged card

Shanna PoseWell, we can probably throw a good amount of the preview we did a couple of days ago out the window – as you join us for coverage of Women Superstars Uncensored‘s Uncensored Rumble VI iPPV (via As you’ll have no doubt seen, the show has been thrown into disarray with first one half of the main event (Athena) being injured at the Secret Show last night, and then the other half of the main event (Jessicka Havok) pulling out due to unresolvable travel issues. With the drawing card match off the show, WSU owner Drew Cordeiro suggested that this would be a “Huge opportunity for the debuting wrestlers to step up” – so let’s see.

Click through after the cut for results as they come in from the Uncensored, Unscripted Rumble, where we’re pretty sure anything could happen…

1. Jenny Rose pinned Christina Von Eerie with an O’Connor Roll.
2. #1 Contender Match for WSU Tag Titles: Annie Social & Kimber Lee beat Veda Scott & Jessie Brooks when Lee pinned Scott after a double team ‘T Gimmick’.
3. Loser Leaves WSU: Jana beat Niya by DQ when Niya refused to break on a five count.
4. Barbi Hayden pinned Jewells Malone following a Hayden Halo DDT.
5. Sassy Stephie pinned Santana Garrett with a Kiss My Sass.
6. Intergender Match: Addy Starr & Matt Tremont beat Shanna & Chris Dickinson when Starr pinned Dickinson with a Sliding D.
7. #1 Contender Match for WSU World Title: Lexxus pinned Nevaeh with a Schoolgirl Rollup.
8. Uncensored Rumble: Ezavel Suena wins the Uncensored Rumble in approx 46 minutes, last eliminating Kimber Lee.
Order of Entry:
1. Taeler Hendrix; 2. Shanna; 3. Sammy Geodollno; 4. Cherry Layne; 5. Nikki Addams; 6. Santana Garrett; 7. Kaitlin Diemond; 8. Jewells Malone; 9. Sassy Stephie; 10. Xandra Bale; 11. Barracuda Britney; 12. Barbi Hayden; 13. Addy Starr; 14. Chris Dickinson; 15. Claudia del Solis; 16. Annie Social; 17. Kimber Lee; 18. Lexxus; 19. Jana; 20. Ezavel Suena; 21. Samantha St. Paul; 22. Rick Cataldo; 23. Nyla Rose; 24. Jessie Brooks; 25. Nevaeh; 26. Christina Von Eerie; 27. Jenny Rose; 28. Jodi D’Milo

• A bit of a difficult one to really review, as with the injury to Athena and the pulling out of Jessicka Havok, the big match – the drawing card of the show – was gone. I wondered if this might mean a major change to the format of the show, in order to really give the paying fans who had either paid to see Havok/Athena (or just bought on the strength of WSU as a brand) something “special”. Perhaps they’d use the Lexxus vs Nevaeh match to crown an interim WSU Champion (which would lead to a Havok “unification” match down the line). Maybe they’d even put the proposed interim title on the line in the Uncensored Rumble? Maybe the card will be switched around to compensate for the lack of main event? As it turns out, WSU went the conservative route – leaving everything as was, and adding two new bonus matches to the show (Hayden/Malone and Stephie/Garrett). While coincidentally those two matches ended up delivering, did they make up for Athena/Havok being off? No, I don’t think so. So, while I was in general a bit disappointed we didn’t see something more than we did, I don’t want to be the sort of person who colours his opinions on what he thinks should’ve happened rather than what actually did. With that out of the way…
• Presentation was again excellent. I’ve ordered the last two iPPVs via and found the stream and video quality to be really good. Commentary was a bit looser than I’ve heard before, and the three man booth (Denver Colorado and presumably the same two guys who started the last show – I didn’t catch their names) Thumbs Up from Annie Socialseemed to be having fun. There was a distinct relaxation on the language issue on the show, with the “cunt punt” being called as such, and one or two other non PG words/phrases. I’m a broad minded adult, so it doesn’t bother me – but I guess I can see why some may be irritated by it, especially as WSU has been attempting to garner a more family market with their product. For what it’s worth, I was entertained – other than the insistence on referring to Shanna as “Shay-na” – which I took was meant as a joke, but really just became quite annoying after a while.
• The first two matches kind of blended together both in my head and in how they were presented. The team of Scott/Rose/Brooks got involved in the finish of the Christina Von Eerie match, which prompted the run-in of Team C.U.N.T. and the jump-starting of match 2. Jenny Rose looks very accomplished nowadays, coming back from her time in Japan – though I never got the feeling that her match with CVE ever really reached a decent gear. The tag team match was there or thereabouts – Kimber Lee, as she often is, was MVP of the match, keeping things moving and keeping things interesting. Scott showed some personality (I like her as a heel), and I’m ready to see C.U.N.T. vs the Midwest Militia now.
• Jana vs Niya didn’t work for me at all. Niya wasn’t bad, but Jana leaves me desperately cold as a performer – and speaking of cold, the crowd were distinctly quiet through most of these first three matches. Anyway, the finish was one of my least favourite finishes in wrestling. Yes, it’s logical, yes it’s within the rules – but it’s arguably the least satisfying ending in the entire wrestling game. Niya was stomping a mudhole in Niya in the corner (Steve Austin style) as the referee was counting for her to break. He counted to five… and he disqualified her. Disqualified for kicking too much ass. Jana, despite being stomped into oblivion, “wins” the match, and Niya “loses”. Security had to remove Niya.
• Next up was Barbi Hayden and Jewells Malone. Now, I have lots of good things to say about both of these women on this show, but the first thing they did that really encouraged me was that the acknowledged Barbi & Jewells WSUthere was actually a CROWD there, and WORKED them. Starting the match with some encouraging clapping for the babyface might be very old school, but it worked. There was a murmur of interest after a mostly dead first three matches, and it was encouraged further by a pretty good match between these two. Barbi Hayden in particular might as well have etched her name on all future WSU events with her performance here as the self absorbed heel. Wonderful fun to watch – and Jewells Malone is impossible not to like. As noted above, Drew Cordeiro mentioned how this show was a chance for the debuting talent to step up… and that was clear here. These two had something to prove. Let’s be frank here, it wasn’t a perfect match, but on what was, to that point, a fairly pedestrian card, the best match by some margin – and featured two women keen to come back, it was exactly the match they needed to have. Book both of these women again – they showed hunger here.
• Speaking of “impossible to dislike”, Santana Garrett was up next, taking on Sassy Stephie in another good match. Seemed like Stephie was calling the shots here, and giving Santana plenty of chance to shine. As mentioned on commentary at one point, Stephie is one of those underrated people who never gets enough credit – so kudos for this match. Garrett, much like Hayden and Malone, made a strong case to be brought back.
• Chris Dickinson took some time to get round to introducing his partner for the intergender match, but the moment he mentioned the word “perfect” early in his introduction, it was clear it was going to be “Portugal’s Perfect Athlete” Shanna – and as she is wont to do, she made a tremendous first impression. After missing the previous night’s Secret Show with an injury picked up doing customs the day before, if she was nursing an injury it wasn’t obvious at all here. Addy Starr got to blow off her several show-long feud with Chris Dickinson in style, delivering the coup-de-grace with her Sliding D. Fun match with some shenanigans from Shanna highlighting.
• All things considered, Nevaeh vs Lexxus seemed like a bit of a disappointment. Without Athena & Havok, these two had the featured singles match of the night – and it was just “a match”. Even the finish – a schoolgirl – was underwhelming for such a big match with top contendership on the line. There were some moments where it looked like things were going to get going (such as Nevaeh hitting the Backpack Stunner for a believable near fall), but for me it falls into the solid, yet unspectacular category. With Athena still in line for a title shot, as is LuFisto, and with the new addition of Sassy Stephie calling out Jessicka Havok on her “bullshit” travel issues after her match, Lexxus vs Havok is kinda the least interesting potential matchup for the Champion.
• Ahhh, the Uncensored Rumble. The match lasted a shade over three-quarters of an hour, and for the most part featured a bunch of women trying to force a bunch of other women out of the ring… it’s hard to really “rate” a Rumble. There were notable performances and moments though. Taeler Hendrix and Shanna started the match as #1 & #2 and both lasted over 30 minutes each – both highly creditable performances. Santana Garrett, Uncensored Rumble 6who picked up a few eliminations, was in probably near that time too. In fact, while many of the eliminations seemed a bit random, Garrett even had a story behind her elimination… after twice eliminating people via baseball slide, she missed her third attempt – sliding to the outside, eliminating herself. There were returns (Nikki Addams and Rick Cataldo), quite a few debuts, and even a man (Chris Dickinson – well, I guess Cataldo too, but he’s a “Diva”). Some came and went quickly – Sammy Geodollno eliminated herself, and Cherry Layne tried to break the record of coming straight in and straight out – but some left good impressions. It’s hard to really get a handle on her, but for someone I’d never seen before, I did rather enjoy Samantha St Paul in particular – she seemed to have potential. From what I understand she’s a CZW trainee, so I’m sure we’ll see more of her. Barbi Hayden continued to impress – trying to convince someone to hold the ropes open for her entrance, for example – and the crowd seemed genuinely disappointed when she was eliminated. Seemed weird to see Sassy Stephie, who had just potentially kicked off a new issue with Jessicka Havok, randomly eliminated too. Anyway, Ezavel Suena last eliminated Kimber Lee to win the Rumble and secure a shot at Marti Belle’s Spirit Title – which, given that there was an issue already building between the two, seems to make sense. Fans in attendance didn’t seem to care for the result, and it was a curious way to end the show with a heel win, but again with the advertised main event not happening it may have been a case of needs must.
• Return date announced as October 12th (part of Open Female Fight Season), where we’ll presumably get Marti Belle vs Ezavel Suena for the WSU Spirit Title, the Midwest Militia of Sassy Stephie & Allysin Kay defending the WSU Tag Team Titles against C.U.N.T. and Jessicka Havok vs Lexxus. Say what you like, the matchmaking is making sense.

— Stew Allen


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