Ringbelles Retro: La Felina sharpens her claws

Gail KimIf you asked a wrestling fan who La Felina would be better known as, chances are most would struggle to tell you the correct answer. However, were you to say that La Felina would gain international fame under her real name of Gail Kim, give yourself a gold star.

Debuting in December 2000 under a mask, it was fellow Canadian and fellow future TNA Knockout Traci Brooks who would unmask her – though she later admitted that the mask wasn’t her idea and she didn’t miss the mask when it was removed.

Kim wrestled as La Felina for close to two years before being signed by WWE in October 2002, with one of her trips taking her to Allentown, PA, where she would compete for World Xtreme Wrestling. This Retro is from around September 2002, with her teaming with Nuisance against Brooks and Sinn in a mixed tag match. Despite the sound going out of sync during the video, it’s still interesting to see Kim before all the WWE and TNA fame.


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