Kana wins the JWP Openweight Championship

Kana JWP kouzi777 @imanishi_noKana is not afraid to put herself in the line of fire. In 2010, her joshi manifesto – which called for wrestlers who aren’t worth anything to quit the business, stop wrestling like women and to refrain from using blatantly fake moves – caused some annoyance because of its brash nature, and she has been accused of working unnecessarily stiff in her early years despite being asked to tone it down.

The controversy was incorporated into her character when she starting wrestling for SMASH, as saw her become the first Divas Champion in the promotion. She then became a part of SMASH’s replacement and looked likely to win the Wrestling New Classic Women’s Championship, but quit the promotion at the end of last year after claiming that they owed her four months’ pay. In a weird twist of fate, walking away from WNC may have been the most prudent move she has made in her 9-year career, as it saw her take more bookings for JWP and lead to today – where she won the Openweight Championship for the first time from Arisa Nakajima.

The win in Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall is certainly a controversial one, as Kana is strictly a freelancer and while she has taken more bookings for the promotion, she is hardly a regular – in fact, this was her fifth appearance in JWP in 2013. The situation was further exacerbated after the match when Kana took the microphone and publicly declared that she had “taken the spirit of JWP”, ostensibly ripping the heart out of the promotion itself. This led to the locker room emptying to get at her, with Command Bolshoi being one of the most significant leading the charge.

Kana’s victory is similar to Emi Sakura‘s Openweight Title win on October 28 last year when she was infiltrating the promotion while establishing her own Gatoh Move brand. An outsider is in possession of the oldest active championship in joshi puroresu, and now it is up to the regular roster to wrest it back.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by kouzi777


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