Ringbelles Retro: Luna Vachon v Jessicka Havok

Luna VachonWhen we spoke to Jessicka Havok for episode 36 of the Women Of Wrestling Podcast in February last year, she talked about how in her formative wrestling years, she gained a lot of knowledge from working with Luna Vachon. We’ve finally tracked down a match between the pair, and have it for you as part of this week’s Retro.

Luna was seeing out her wrestling days at the point when this match took place on a Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling event on August 5, 2007, as she ended up retiring from the ring that December after 22 years of grappling which had seen her wrestle for the likes of the American Wrestling Association, All Japan Pro Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation, Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling and Women Superstars Uncensored. As far as finding someone to tap the knowledge of, Havok hit the jackpot with Vachon.

At this point, Jessicka had been competing for around three years, and had been tearing her way through the CAPW roster to the point where she challenged Vachon for her Universal Women’s Hardcore Championship. Click after the jump to watch a lot of crazy brawling between a tough veteran and equally tough rising star.


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