Ringbelles Retro: A full episode of GLOW

GLOWWe talked a lot about the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling promotion on this website last year. As well as reviewing the documentary about the programme, we also spoke to GLOW stars Little Egypt and Tina Ferrari – who went on to become WWE‘s Ivory – one not just one, but two occasions. Around the time of the premiere of the documentary, we posted a Retro featuring a couple of Tina Ferrari matches. This time, we post an entire GLOW episode which was uploaded to YouTube yesterday.

The episode in question is the season 2 episode 9 broadcast, which featured the usual comedy skits, but also had the conclusion of the GLOW Games as well as three contests. Opening is Little Egypt taking on Russian terror Ninotchka, followed by a handicap seeing Mountain Fiji facing the Princess of Darkness and Dementia, and the broadcast concludes with Americana taking on Palestina which is as patriotic an encounter as you would imagine for a TV show in 1987.

In addition, all the commercials are still in there, including ones for teens who want to chat to each other in a group conversation on the phone, and the brand spanking new Sega Master System.


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