In Video: When in doubt… Thunderkitty

ThunderkittyWe at Ringbelles became big fans of Thunderkitty at the last SHIMMER tapings back in April, especially during her victory over Sassy Stephie on volume 57, where she got the win with a sleeperhold.

The great thing about her style – which would be considered modern in her mentally-defined era of the 1950’s – is that her fundamentals mean her matches can stick to the KISS principle of Keep It Simple, Stupid. In addition, how can you dislike anyone who has “Ladies champion of lady midget-tossing in Ohio at 11 feet and 3 inches” and “Rumored to win a battle royal against 15 grizzly bears in the old territory days” as other notable accomplishments on her own website?

We’ve got a couple of Thunderkitty matches for you – her SPARKLE match from last October where she wrestled Montreal’s Angie Skye, and a contest from Millennium Pro Wrestling in 2011 against NY Knockout Nikki.


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