Wrestling… YAY! – The love affair with SHINE

Rain v JHavSHINE 12 has been and gone, and I got to thinking of the last 12 months or so on the promotion.

Before SHINE Wrestling existed, my connection to the wrestling overseas was limited. I mean, sure I had DVDs but it wasn’t really the same. The events came recommended to me always with the tag line of “You really have to see xxx v xxx it’s AMAZING!” Nothing is quite like experiencing a liveshow with your friends.

That’s the beautiful thing about SHINE – the concept that I can watch this show with the guys from Ringbelles, who are in a completely different country and we can all react to the same thing at the same time is incredible. I know, technology right? Whodathunkit? I can chatter about the shows excitedly on social media (mostly Twitter) and connect with so many like-minded (or not so!) individuals around the world, which makes the shows so much more exciting for me.

SHINE weekends have become a highlight for me. Catch up with good friends and watch great wrestling. Thank goodness for Skype & Twitter – I’d be totally lost without them.

Rush v KayComing into this new environment where many of the girls are not familiar to me, I think this is really I got my first taste of a regular show with regular storylines and something I could invest in. These shows were the first ones where I saw Jessicka Havok for the first time. Those that follow my Twitter would know she’s a wrestler that inspires me in so many different ways. After listening to her on a Women Of Wrestling Podcast, I was very excited to see her wrestle live for the first time after she was announced for SHINE 2. She lived up to my expectations and more, and to be able to see her dominate the ring in such a graceful way, even down to the personality she oozes, just amazing. Big props to Reby Sky too – because before these shows, I wasn’t really a big fan of hers, but she really turned it around for me.

Another huge stand out for me is Allysin Kay. A few showings at SHINE and I am so hooked on everything about her from her wrestling, her look and her style. Rest assured, any time I see Kay’s name on a iPPV, it definitely is a huge tick in a ‘I-MUST-GET-THIS’. Her being suspended the past few SHINE shows, has me itching for her to come back. Not that the other women didn’t make up for her absence, but for me, she just adds that little bit of something extra being on the show.

To date, two SHINE shows have really stood out for me and ones that I regularly go back and re-watch.

SHINE 4 which saw the SHIMMER Championship defended by then champion, Saraya Knight against Jazz. Kellie Skater made her debut against Reby Sky and Shazza McKenzie & Davina Rose made their debut against Made in Sin, Kay & Taylor Made. I am not so sure if it was the Australians that made their debut, that made this show so enjoyable for me, or that it was a turning point for the shows in where characters began to really develop as did the stories.

Team AustraliaSHINE 9 is also a huge winner for me. Not only did Havok & Madison Eagles have one of the best matches (in my opinion of course) in SHINE history, but Team Australia (including a debuting Jessie McKay) defeated Mia Yim, Nikki Roxx & Santana Garrett and Evie made her debut against Mercedes Martinez. Yes, another show with some Aussie flavour – but hot off the heels from the big SHIMMER 53 show, riding the momentum from the massive wrestling wave, the amount of international talent stacked on this show, whilst still staying consistent with the storylines in place, really did make this show one of my favourites to date.

A year on since I began to watch SHINE Wrestling, I have watched their first champion been crowned and I wonder what their future holds. I can definitely see a feud for the title between Rain and Jessicka Havok, or between one of her fellow Valkyrie team members in Allysin Kay. Either one of those two women would represent the company after Rain hangs up the boots for good. Ivelisse Velez is another one to watch – her explosive personality jumps out to the audience the moment she steps out. I can’t wait to see some of the PWWA women return back to the shows and LuFisto – one of the toughest women I have ever seen wrestle… period. I am excited by the future, each show is different but the story continue to unravel.

Saraya v JHavSHINE has become the platform of ‘international debuts’, pre-SHIMMER. You get just a little taste, then the full buffet at the sister show. So if you ever want a sampling of some of the best this world has to offer, hop on down to WWNLive (or The Orpheum if you are in the Ybor City, Florida area!), you definitely won’t be sorry.

And that my friends… is what makes Wrestling… YAY!

– Rhi Lockwood
– Get more news, results and upcoming match details from the women’s wrestling scene in Australia and New Zealand at NHB Girls
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– Photos by Slammin’ Ladies


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