Update on the OVW Women's Championship

Trina ThompsonFor the last few weeks, Ohio Valley Wrestling has been running its Miss OVW contest with the underline of an impending battle between Women’s Champion Trina Thompson and Lei’D Tapa.

Hostilities started at the start of August when Tapa destroyed Thompson and Heidi Lovelace after the Punk Rock Rag Doll eliminated the big Tongan to win a battle royal to become the top contender to the belt, and Tapa won a 4-way the following week over Trina, Nikki St John & Jessie Belle. When the Miss OVW contest was announced on August 14 the pair clashed again, this time with Thompson getting the upper hand with a DDT which KOed her rival, and the titleholder got the best of Tapa again seven days later. However, the tide turned last week when Tapa choked out Trina with a rope which was being used for a tug of war contest, and then used it to throw the champion out of the ring.

On last night’s taping, there was another development in their feud, which has implications for the Women’s Title. If you want to know what happened, click the jump – but beware, spoilers lay within…

That’s right – Trina Thompson has been forced to vacate the championship due to an injury which she alleges was caused by Tapa’s attack last week.

According to TNAsylum, Thompson made the admission after coming to the ring to stop an attack by Tapa on new face Ray Lyn and rid the ring of her larger adversary before taking the microphone and making her announcement, saying that her knee was damaged in the incident and she is having to have surgery. She was told that she may not be able to wrestle again – but still vowed to return, and that the issue between she and Lei’D Tapa is far from being settled.

The injury to Thompson’s knee is a real blow. She won the belt from Epiphany on April 17 in somewhat of a shocker and then had to build her reputation as champion, which she has done quite well, and this impending battle with Tapa would have been her high point of her reign. Sadly, it won’t happen, but we wish her the best with the surgery and hope she enjoys a speedy recovery.

However, this leaves us with what is going to happen with the Women’s Championship. There is a Saturday Night Special set to take place this weekend where the issue may be addressed, so things may become a little clearer after that. Perhaps the winner of the Miss OVW contest will earn the title, or there could be some sort of tournament to crown a new champion. We’ll wait and see, but it is a big disappointment for fans considering how well the Thompson/Tapa feud was progressing.

– Lee Burton


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