In Video: Lady Lory v Queen Maya

Lady Lory Queen MayaYep, three matches in three days – and this one is about as recent as you can get. It’s from Saturday night’s Italian Championship Wrestling show in Mantova, Italy, and features Germany’s Lady Lory taking on Italian native Queen Maya in a match which is not for Lory’s Europe Catch Tour Association Women’s Championship.

Maya has certainly raised her game in 2013 and fans have been able to see that through her matches at Bellatrix 5 (where she dropped the RQW European Women’s Championship to Liberty) and at Bellatrix 6 (where she defeated Kay Lee Ray). In addition, she has really honed the ability to wrestle for her size – which is a massive boost when you consider she’s a lofty 6’1″. That’s further highlighted in this contest when you take a look at her new gear, which really shows off her height rather than inadvertently masking it.

Having said all that, it’s a change to see her wrestle as a babyface…


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