Spoilers on Mickie James and the Knockouts Title

Mickie James

We’ve decided to collate the bulk of spoilers concerning TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James into one post for you – but that means that you click beyond this jump, the element of surprise concerning future events will be ruined for you. If you’re the type of person who likes to watch wrestling shows not knowing what’s going to happen, leave now. If you’re interested in finding out the info, click away…

Right, first things first – Mickie James is no longer the Knockouts Champion. She was defeated by ODB on the tape-delay Impact Wrestling taping which took place in St Louis, MO last Thursday. The match is a culmination of the resurgence of the tattooed, alcohol-swigging bruiser following an extended stint as a referee for the Knockouts matches. After winning a 3-way at Hardcore Justice against James and Gail Kim, ODB defeated Kim in a 2 out of 3 falls match on August 29 to ODB Mickie Jamesbecome the number one contender to the belt. She then defeated James on the taping which is set to be shown on Thursday to win the belt for the fourth time.

It really is a case of right place, right time for ODB. With the number of Knockouts dropping like flies due to cost-cutting over recent months. Madison Rayne, Taeler Hendrix, Tara, Brooke Hogan and So Cal Val have all gone, though the reason why ODB is in the position she is in right now is probably because of the absence of Taryn Terrell, who is reportedly pregnant. Considering the push she had been receiving, it was believed that she would be the one to dethrone James for the belt, reportedly at Bound For Glory next month. However, plans were changed and moved forward because of James’ contract situation.

According to ProWrestling.net (and later verified to a certain extent by the Wrestling Observer in its daily update) Mickie James’ deal with TNA expired today and the two sides have yet to reach an agreement which would see that contract renewed or extended. According to the Observer, the negotiations are not dead – so there is always the chance she could return under a short term deal like AJ Styles or sign a longer extension – but for now, the belt has been taken off her ahead of the deal expiring. It makes you wonder how TNA was planning to let the Terrell storyline play out to BFG if the champion’s contract was set to lapse.

For those of you keeping track, there are now only three Knockouts wrestling on a full-time basis. ODB, Kim and Velvet Sky are the only ones left – though Sky has been appearing alongside real-life partner Chris Sabin recently and not wrestling, and considering a babyface holds the title, it doesn’t really fit properly. That leaves us with ODB v Kim again, unless new heel Brooke Tessmacher laces up the boots again. It’s a dire situation for the Knockouts, and there doesn’t seem to be any solution in sight.

– Lee Burton


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