CAN USA Classic – The Americans pick up the win

2 She Nay Nay LuFisto Xandra Bale Vanessa Kraven Seleziya Sparx TabercilWe going to post the report to this yesterday, but decided to hold off for 24 hours to reveal the injury to Courtney Rush‘s collarbone – click here to read more about that. She suffered the break during her match under the hood as La Tigre Diablo, and there was some hasty rebooking to replace her on the show. However, fans in the building didn’t know what was going on, so we thought we would bring you up to speed before posting this report.

As for the writer – you may remember a website focussing on Canadian female wrestlers called North Starz which vanished a year ago. Well it’s back, and its webmaster Rick McLean was in attendance, and offered to let us know what happened. We jumped at the chance – and coupled with some excellent pictures from the very talented Tabercil, we can bring you a comprehensive rundown of how Team USA won the first Smash Wrestling CAN USA Classic


In the pre show match up, La Tigre Diablo of Parts Unknown took on rising prospect Jasmin Areebi of Toronto. Areebi used her impressive speed and agility throughout the contest however it could not match the sheer size and strength of Diablo. Jasmin made a huge mistake trying to land a top rope moonsault on the prone Tigre but she missed and it took a lot out of her. The young Toronto firecracker was never able to fully recover after the missed moonsault and was eventually whipped into the ropes and caught with a huge forearm smash to the temple which knocked Jasmine Areebi down and out allowing Diablo to pick up the three count victory.

In the opening contest of the CAN USA Challenge, an excited Veda Scott (USA) was looking forward to meeting Seleziya Sparx (Canada) – however Sparx was disinterested and showed outright contempt for Scott. Scott used her speed and technical wrestling skills to gain an early advantage however Sparx was able to turn the match into a brawl which was to her advantage. There were several near falls as Scott hit a fantastic top rope clothesline but could only manage a two count. Sparx almost got the win with a bridging suplex but just couldn’t hold Scott down for three. In the end however Veda Scott hit a devastating snap spinning neck breaker accompanied by a beautiful bridge to pin Seleziya Sparx and gave Team USA, a 1-0 lead.

The second match was a triple threat between Canadians She Nay Nay, Jewells Malone and Angie Skye. A last minute stipulation was added that the winner of this match would take on Candice LeRae in the CAN USA Challenge tournament as Courtney Rush was unable to attend the event (of course, by now, you know what happened). Skye was definitely not there to make friends as she attacked both her opponents while they were distracted by Jason Chase, who came 10 Jewells Malone Angie Skye Tabercilout demanding the show be cancelled because women should not be wrestling. He would go on to interfere several times throughout the match, attacking all three participants and eventually somehow became part of the contest. In the end SheNayNay smashed Chase’s face into the mat, pinning him for the 3 count and joined the other members of Team Canada.

In the third bout “The Mountain” Vanessa Kraven (Canada) took on La Felina Azul who hails from Texas (USA). The bout started awkwardly as there was a language barrier issue between the Spanish speaking La Felina and the English speaking Kraven. When Kraven challenged La Felina to a test of strength the Texan upstart got confused thinking Kraven wanted a fight so she put up her fists challenging “The Mountain” to a boxing contest and shouted out a defiant “Ole!”. As the match went on Kraven’s size and strength took over as she mauled and pounded away at the smaller La Felina with vicious reverse knife edge chops that echoed throughout the building. La Felina was able to chop the larger Kraven down but made the mistake of climbing to the top rope and jumped off, trying to hit Kraven with a big cross body block – but was instead caught in the air and driven hard into the canvas with a Baldo Bomb to pick up the three count and tie the tournament at one win apiece.

Between the third and fourth matches there was team pictures taken and fans were able to get in the ring and get pictures taken with both teams. However, there was a lot of tension between both teams and things almost broke down as team captains LuFisto of Canada and Christina Von Eerie of the USA got into a yelling and shoving contest with each other, but luckily cooler heads prevailed.

The third match of the tournament saw Xandra Bale (Canada) take on Kimber Lee (USA). Bale used her speed and agility early on by rolling Kimber Lee up in tight wrestling holds and continually kept her off balance. Eventually, Xandra hit an impressive hurricanrana that sent Kimber Lee scrambling under the ropes and outside of the ring to regroup. However, there was no respite for her as Bale ascended the top ropes and leaped high into the air, sending both women hard to the concrete floor. Kimber Lee 13 Xandra Bale Kimber Lee Tabercilknew she had to turn the match into a brawl and that is exactly what she did by punching and chopping the smaller Bale, as well as showing off her impressive strength by lifting Bale high into the air for a delayed vertical suplex. However, the American crashed and burned on a Swanton attempt, giving Bale the chance to hit a snap neck breaker to give Team Canada a 2-1 tournament lead.

Tournament match number four saw Candice LeRae (USA) take on She Nay Nay – however it looked as though the match was never going to start because an enraged LeRae demanded that she was only there to face Courtney Rush and since Rush was not there she wasn’t going to wrestle at all. However, the bell rang so referee Jimmy Korderas immediately started the ten count – to which LeRae rolled back into the ring only to break the count and then would roll back out to continue her complaints to anybody willing to listen. LeRae continued to do this for several minutes but the referee quickened his count and LeRae had no choice but to wrestle or get counted out and leave in disgrace. LeRae let her anger boil over in the ring as she broke as many rules as she could whether by choking She Nay Nay on the ropes on standing on her hair and yanking the Canadian up as hard as she could in an attempt to rip She Nay Nay’s hair right out. She Nay Nay fought her way back into the contest and almost was able to roll LeRae up for a small package victory but LeRae reversed it and both ladies continued the trend of reversing each others small packages all over the ring leaving Korderas tired and confused as he could not keep up with the count. Eventually the hold was broken and the tide shifted back in She Nay Nay’s favour and she climbed up to the top ropes looking to finish LeRae off however LeRae was able to shove She Nay Nay off the ropes and down to the mat where LeRae was able to put her boots on the middle ropes for extra leverage to keep SheNayNay’s shoulders to the mat for a three count tying the tournament standings at 2-2.

So the main event of the evening between team captains LuFisto (Canada) and Christina Von Eerie (USA) would be the decider, and was fought under no disqualification, no count outs and falls count anywhere rules – and was an absolute classic.

22 LuFisto Christina Von Eerie TabercilBoth ladies argued at the outset, and eventually led to both women exchanging head butts in the centre of the ring before the pair took the fight to the outside. After several strikes LuFisto sat Von Eerie down onto a chair and rained down several punches and chops though Christina was able to turn the tide by ramming LuFisto’s back into the ring apron. Von Eerie then went to work trying to wear LuFisto out with a modified million dollar dream sleeper and after several tense minutes it looked like LuFisto was going to go out. However, the fans gave LuFisto new found energy and she battled her way back up and battered Von Eerie backwards and into the corner and nailed her with a running cannonball.

At this point in the match LuFisto proclaimed that it was time for Von Eerie to get a drink and dragged the dazed American over to the bar and smashed her face into it several times. Von Eerie proved that she was no slouch at bar fighting as she introduced the French Canadians face into the bar as well. Von Eerie wasn’t done there as she hauled LuFisto over to some chairs and pulled her up onto them and suplexed both of them back onto the chairs leaving the fans in awe. A hurt LuFisto tried to crawl back towards the ring while Von Eerie spotted a ladder and went and grabbed it and it was evident that she planned to introduce LuFisto’s anatomy to it – but the Super Hardcore Anime also recognized this fact and lowered the boom on Von Eerie who approached with the ladder and she lost control of it and was knocked down onto the concrete. LuFisto picked up the ladder and threw it and it smashed right into Von Eerie’s head knocking her flat before dragging her opponent and the hardware back into the ring where the Canadian looked to finish her off with a big splash – however she missed, which allowed Von Eerie the opportunity to regroup.

25 La Felina Azure Kimber Lee Christina Von Eerie Veda Scott Candice LeRae TabercilIt was the damage to LuFisto’s back that made the difference in this war as eventually Von Eerie caught the dazed Montreal native coming off of the ropes and hit a perfectly executed double knee backbreaker that took everything out of LuFisto, allowing the American the opening to roll over on top of the fallen Canadian to pick up the well earned three count victory and a 3-2 win for Team USA over Team Canada. After the bout Von Eerie and LuFisto reconciled their differences and shook hands out of mutual respect before leaving the ring.


1. El Tigre Diablo b Jasmin Areebi
2. Veda Scott b Seleziya Sparx (1-0 USA)
3. She Nay Nay b Jewells Malone, Angie Skye & Jason Chase
4. Vanessa Kraven b La Felina Azul (1-1 tie)
5. Xandra Bale b Kimber Lee (2-1 Canada)
6. Candice LeRae b She Nay Nay (2-2 tie)
7. Christina Von Eerie b LuFisto (3-2 USA)


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