Ringbelles Retro: LuFisto takes it to Joey Ryan

LuFistoIn December 2006, LuFisto took nine months away from the ring to recover from a career-threatening back injury. While it hadn’t completely healed, it eventually became bearable enough for the Super Hardcore Anime to come back.

One of her final shows before retreating to recover was deathmatch tournament at Stranglehold Bloodstock 2006 which she won by beating Necro Butcher in the final, and a month after coming back, she competed at the IWA Mid-South Queen Of The Death Matches tournament in October 2007 – however, LuFisto’s comeback also marked the start of her changing direction from the hardcore, weapons-based contests to ones involving more conventional wrestling – a good move to extend her career, one which is still going strong to this day.

Three months after returning, the Montral native travelled to Newall, CA to compete for EPIC WAR against Joey Ryan. Yes, that Joey Ryan – the one who participated in TNA’s Gut Check, lost, and ended up on more TNA shows than some of the winners. The one with the epic 70’s porn star moustache. The one with the loud trunks. He’s at his sexist best here against LuFisto in a dramatic contest which pulls no punches and doesn’t see Ryan hold back – which is a good thing, and LuFisto pours it on.


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