Syuri regains the WNC Women's Championship

Syuri WNC Takashi IshizukiIf you were the kind of person who liked to lay down a wager, you would have put money on Serena Deeb failing in her first defence the Wrestling New Classic Women’s Championship at the promotion’s latest card at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan. Had you done so, you would have won – because Serena didn’t.

After winning the title in a tournament which also involved Syuri and Makoto – following it being vacated by Lin Byron following the only time the champion has retained the beltKeeping The Spirit Alive reports that Deeb was defeated by Syuri with a German Suplex.

The victory makes the 24-year old the promotion’s first two-time Women’s Champion, having being crowned the inaugural titleholder on December 27 last year after winning a six woman tournament, defeating Nagisa Nozaki in the final. Syuri was beaten in her first defence by Makoto on March 31, so the five year pro will be looking for a reign where she retains the belt at least once. Should she do it twice, she will be a record breaker, and start a new era with the title – one with a bit of stability perhaps.

As for Serena, today’s show completes the bookings she initially announced before heading out to Japan in mid-July. Considering the amount of wrestling she did in a sustained period of time without picking up injury – especially when you consider the few times she had wrestled inbetween returning from her concussion and flying out – the whole trip must be deemed a success. Despite losing the title, Deeb must be more than happy with her extended tour of Japan, wrestling on not just WNC shows, but also for JWP and Diana along the way.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Takashi Ishizuki


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