Who climbed the ladder to the Women's Championship at OVW Ladies' Night? – now with video

Hannah Holly Blossom Taeler Hendrix Lei'D Tapa OVW

The women were out in force for an historic night for Ohio Valley Wrestling, where the a new Women’s Champion was crowned as part of a four-way Ladder Match between Lei’D Tapa, Taeler Hendrix and Hannah & Holly Blossombrought about because of an injury to former champion Trina Thompson. As well as the four-way being the main event of this week’s episode, a number of non-OVW female wrestlers showed up for dark matches, including Santana Garrett, Candice LeRae and Marti Belle – and TNA‘s Christy Hemme was the ring announcer for the Ladder Match to give the occasion even more gravity.

Click the jump to find out who won the Women’s Championship, and to see the results for the other contests…

Hannah Holly Blossom Taeler Hendrix Lei'D Tapa OVW ManiaThe big news is that the new OVW Women’s Champion is Hannah Blossom, who won the title by fending off her own sister to snare the belt. According to OVW Mania, the twins worked together for the bulk of the contest with they and Hendrix spending a lot of the time teaming up on the larger and more powerful Tapa. However, the lure of the gold turned out to be too much, as after disposing of Tapa, Hannah shoved her own sister off the rungs to grab the belt.

Hannah’s victory makes her a three-time Women’s Champion – one ahead of her sister, which may not go down too well. The victory may also forward the ongoing friction between the Blossoms, as they have been bickering over the last few weeks – more-so since the Miss OVW contest launched.

There were four other matches which were not recorded for broadcast. Garrett – who has seemingly been everywhere this year – was defeated by Hendrix; Holly beat Marti with the Rock Blossom (great name), while Tapa put away LeRae with her TKO/Stunner combination. After the taping, OVW regulars Jessie Belle and Lylah Lodge locked up, with Jessie scoring the victory with a small package.

It may be a bit presumptuous to read into a TNA Knockout being at OVW when a lot of new faces show up for matches, but we can’t help but let the gears turn in our heads a bit. After all, with so few women on the TNA roster these days, the promotion may be looking to swell the numbers. Again, this is all speculation, but we’ll see.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYOVwnsC.x?p=1 width=”720″ height=”433″]

– Lee Burton
– Photo by OVW Mania


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