ICW: Fierce Females – XX: It's In Our DNA live results – now updated with thoughts and photos

ICW Fierce FemalesInsane Championship Wrestling: Fierce Females has a big take ahead of itself if it wants to better its last show. Luke… Who’s Yer Da? was called our favourite show of year up until that point in May, and it’s still probably our favourite card of 2013. However, this evening’s first anniversary show – entitled XX: It’s In Our DNA – features some mouth-watering contests.

One of the headline matches sees Crazy Mary Dobson return to Scotland following her standout victory against Bete Noire on May 4 by facing one of the country’s best in Carmel Jacob – who, since bitching out the rest of the roster at ICW’s last show – has taken a much darker direction. She’s gone slightly unhinged, and that bodes her well for someone who has the reckless abandon of Dobson – though Jacob is not stranger to hardcore matches.

Elsewhere, Nikki Storm battles Portia Perez in what will likely be a contest where each competitor will look to outfox each other. Neither are known for massive highspots, so the emphasis will be on tactics, psychology and possibly the occasional bending of the rules.

As well as a round robin tournament between Rhia O’Reilly, Erin Angel & Shanna, the Scottish Championship will be on the line when titleholder Kay Lee Ray – who discusses the match and her career to date in our latest Women Of Wrestling Podcast – defends the belt against Viper and Amazing Kong in a triple threat encounter which will see KLR at a massive size disadvantage.

Ringbelles is at the Classic Grand in Glasgow for what promises to be a big night. Click the jump and keep hitting refresh to get the latest results.

1. Kirsty Loveign & Fiona Fraser vs Shelly Starr & Sammii Jayne turned into a no contest when Ayesha Ray interfered and attacked everybody, leading to…
2. Ayesha Ray pinned Bête Noire with a choke bomb and jacknife pin.
3. Leah Owens pinned Sara-Marie Taylor with a schoolgirl.
4. #1 Contender Round Robin Tournament: Rhia O’Reilly made Shanna submit to a Stretch Muffler after Shanna apparently hurt her leg delivering the Injection of Perfection (Warrior’s Way)
5. Crazy Mary Dobson pinned Carmel Jacob with the Split-Legged Moonsault.
6. Nikki Storm pinned Portia Perez with a small package after sending Portia’s head into an exposed buckle.
7 Rhia O'Reilly Shanna7. #1 Contender Round Robin Tournament: Erin Angel pinned Rhia O’Reilly with a victory roll.
8. #1 Contender Round Robin Tournament: Erin Angel pinned an injured Shanna in seconds with a messy rollup to secure the #1 contendership.
9. ICW:FF Scottish Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray (c) retained her Title over Viper & Amazing Kong in an elimination rules Three Way Dance.
— Both Kay Lee & Viper pinned Kong following a Viper Bomb/Swanton Bomb/Viper Frog Splash series.
— Kay Lee Ray pinned Viper following a Swanton in a crazy match that saw Ray thrown off a balcony and Viper perform a dive off the same balcony.

— After the match, Crazy Mary Dobson challenged KLR for the title. Kay Lee accepted.


• First off, the big question – was this show better than Luke… Who’s Yer Da? The answer is no – though that doesn’t mean that it was a bad show. XX: It’s In Our DNA was a fun card with four contests worthy of two thumbs up, though there were also some weird booking decisions and some disappointing moments – especially at the start.
• Kirsty Loveign’s ongoing struggle to please manager James R Kennedy continued in the opening contest where “Local Enhancement Talents” Sammii Jayne and Shelly Starr got too much offence in for their role, though the contest only served as a backdrop for Ayesha Ray to invade the proceedings for a second show in a row, destroying everyone in sight. It meant the tag match never got started and the angle with Kennedy and Loveign is starting to drag on a bit now. The trigger on her babyface turn could easily have been pulled here.
Ayesha’s interference saw her face a challenge from Bete Noire, though I think this match should have been on 5 Sara Marie Taylor Leah Owensannounced card. As for the match itself, there was a lot of clubbering, but I’ve seen more exciting matches from both. Ray’s new gear really shows off her height, which was emphasised with the match-ending choke-bomb – though it took two goes for it to be pulled off successfully.
• Leah Owens – who only arrived back in the country the day before, following a 22-hour journey from Japan – has really become a favourite in ICW. With her great looks, flirty attitude and her willingness to strip down at the first opportunity, she really fits in with the ethos of the promotion and its fans. It’s also everything that Saintly Sara stood against – though considering she wanted to rid ICW of smut, her outfit showed off a lot of flesh. The contest wasn’t much as the strikes, slams and bumps lacked real impact – though there was a nice spot from Owens which saw her deliver an overdrive into a cross armbreaker. After the victory, Leah removed her top to reveal her bra and walked to the back, leaving her huffy opponent in the ring.
Weirdly, considering she has only just started her holier-than-thou overtones, Sara was quickly persuaded to rebel following some choice words from old friend Carmel – who delivered another piece of great mic work. The pair left together.
• A relatively weak start was rectified by the start of the round robin, with Rhia O’Reilly and Shanna putting together a great match which shared Match of the Night honours with the main event. Working babyface, Portugal’s Perfect Athlete didn’t immediately connect with the crowd, but won them over as the match progressed.
• The ending was somewhat telegraphed due to a refereeing snafu where he erroneously counted three during Shanna’s comeback. O’Reilly protested that her shoulder was up and the referee backtracked on his own decision, correcting himself and declaring that the match would continue. Considering Rhia’s protests and how Shanna really couldn’t argue to keep the decision as it was, you had to conclude that it was the wrong winner.
• However, to their credit, they got the crowd back into the match straight away and provided some great drama for the real ending. Shanna appeared to injure her knee while executing the Injection Of Perfection, which allowed Rhia the chance to recover, stomp the leg and deliver the stretch muffler for the tap out.
9 Carmel Jacob Crazy Mary Dobson• Considering her first trip to ICW back in May, you would have assumed that Crazy Mary Dobson would be swinging weapons like nobody’s business in her match with Carmel Jacob. However, the pair put together a slick wrestling match which was a welcome change to the hardcore deathmatch stuff which Mary is commonly associated with. Dobson’s split-legged moonsault won the contest for her in a good contest – though there was some brawling outside the ring that I could have done without. Hugely popular with the ICW Mafia, she has quickly made a name for herself, while Carmel also deserve a big amount of praise for her work too.
• We made a prediction that Portia Perez v Nikki Storm would be the battle to see who could be the biggest bastard – and we were right, though we were suckered by Perez at the start, who played a mild babyface role by showing fire and trying to get the fans on her side. Her true colours were revealed in a faked injury spot where she acted as if she injured her ankle – though fans were having none of it after the Shanna injury angle earlier. Following the surprise Downward Spiral, it then became a war over who was the sneakiest, with both holding tights and grabbing ropes to gain an advantage. In the end, it was Portia’s craftiness which came back to bite her; she removed the turnbuckle pad to expose the steel ring, and tried to whip Nikki into it, only for Storm to reverse it and send Perez running into the ref. While the official was down, Storm rammed her opponent’s head into the turnbuckle and rolled her up into the inside cradle for the win. Even after the match, she tried to divert the ref’s attention from the lack of corner padding and escaped to the back before she could be caught out.
• Here’s where the booking got really confusing. It was revealed that due to Shanna’s injury, the match between she and Erin Angel wouldn’t happen, so the winner of O’Reilly v Angel would determine the number one contender. So the heel, who has already fought one match and won it, now has to fight against a fresh babyface who only needs to win once to get the title shot? A bit unfair on Rhia.
15 Rhia O'Reilly Erin Angel• The match itself was nothing to write home about – the pair have had better outings. Angel got hardly any significant offence in, and was thwarted every time she went to the top to deliver her moonsault. In the end, it was a victory roll from Erin which secured the win and the number one contendership…
• Or so we thought, as Shanna limped back out, threatened Rhia for going after her injured leg and then said she and Erin had a match to do, which spelled out why it wasn’t declared that Angel had beaten Shanna by forfeit. O’Reilly took the opportunity to attack Angel from behind, leaving her prone for Shanna, which doesn’t make much sense as she was ostensibly helping the woman who just vowed to kill her. Portugal’s Perfect Athlete then climbed into the ring, went for the O’Connor Roll, only for it to be reversed into a messy pin by the ropes in a pointless 5 second match which accomplished very little and left the audience scratching their heads. Not the best circumstances for a babyface to become number one contender.
• So that brings us to the main event, where champion Kay Lee Ray was dwarfed by her opponents – though it was Viper’s focus on Amazing Kong which allowed the titleholder to get the opening salvo in, dropkicking her fellow Scot out of the ring before taking it to Kong with an enzugiri. However, her flurry didn’t last long as the American’s size took over, which led to a great sequence with Viper, who was being dwarfed for once and saw her get flattened with a big shoulderblock. The tide turned after Viper took down her fellow challenger with a huge clothesline, and allowed the two rivals to try and take down the former TNA Knockouts Champion. Eventually, Kong was sent to the showers following a titanic trio of moves – a Viper Bomb, followed by a Kay Lee Swanton Bomb and a top rope frog splash from Viper was enough for Ray to score the three count with a jackknife pin.
• Considering we had seen so little brawling – the only other real fighting outside the ring was in the Jacob v Dobson match – it seemed inevitable that Viper and Ray would take it into the crowd, and they did just that, fighting up the stairs of the Classic Grand to the elevated section, and you knew someone was taking a fall, though we weren’t expecting what followed.
18 Amazing Kong Viper• Firstly, Kay Lee was dumped over the railings to the level 10 feet below from a Viper fireman’s carry, though the insanity didn’t end there as Viper then dived down onto KLR and the ICW security team in a crazy moment.
• Getting back into the ring, the ref was taken out of the action when a Kay Lee dropkick missed its intended target, allowing Carmel and reunited buddy Sara to spoil the proceedings, and reminding us that the war between Jacob and Ray may never end. Bete Noire came to rid the ring of the invaders but was sent packing, though both heels ducked out after Dobson came to the ring ready to use the Fierce Females belt as a weapon – though after clearing the ring, Mary left with the championship.
• Seizing the opportunity, KLR went for a Swanton but missed, almost breaking her neck in the process – but after some more tussling, managed to nail the Swanton and score the pin to retain her title, though the belt was nowhere to be found, until Mary returned with it, asking for a title shot… which steps on Erin Angel’s number one contendership somewhat. Nevertheless, Ray accepted, and that title match will be announced in due course.
• XX: It’s In Our DNA had enough to call it a good show. Shanna/O’Reilly, Jacob/Dobson and KLR/Viper/Kong were all matches you should go out of your way to see, and Storm/Perez was a great example of great heel work. The crowd was a healthy number, and the atmosphere was what you would now expect from ICW: Fierce Females. Unfortunately, it was a crawl of a start to the show and the round robin was booked to death. As with the rest of Fierce Females’ shows, I’d encourage you to see this when it’s released on DVD – but Luke… Who’s Yer Da? is still the better event.

– Lee Burton


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