In Video: Fierce Females – Nikki Storm v Portia Perez

11 Nikki Storm Portia PerezEarlier this week, a fancam version of the Portia Perez v Nikki Storm match from ICW: Fierce Females‘ show last Sunday was posted on YouTube, which caught us off guard until we considered the source of the recording. It’s been uploaded by Independent Women’s Internet Wrestling, which sponsored Portia’s trip to Scotland where she wrestled three matches in as many days – contests against Kay Lee Ray and Carmel Jacob as part of Premier British Wrestling cards as well as the XX: It’s In Our DNA show which we attended, and can read our report of by clicking here.

At the time, we described the match as a test of who could be the bigger bastard. Now you can see two great heels trying to out-cheat each other.

Obviously, the video you’ll watch after the jump is not the most perfect way to see the show as it pertains to a video format. Fierce Females will be releasing the whole event on DVD in the near future with multiple optimal camera angles and commentary overlaid to really showcase the matches. For now though, have a look at one of the matches from one of the top women’s promotions in the western world right now. Should your appetite be whetted, you can buy the DVDs of the first two shows at the promotion’s shop. Dive in.


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