Lei'D Tapa wins the OVW Women's Championship

Hannah Blossom Lei'D Tapa OVWManiaIt’s taken a little longer than was probably expected, but Lei’D Tapa has climbed to the top of the Ohio Valley Wrestling Women’s Division at last. She won the OVE Women’s Championship from Hannah Blossom at last night’s Saturday Night Special in Lousiville, KY to claim the title that she has been chasing since her debut in the promotion in June.

OVWMania reports that the aggression between the pair was ramped up earlier on in the show as part of the ongoing Miss OVW contest. As Hannah’s twin Holly made her entrance, she was attacked from behind by the mammoth challenger, describing it as a “message” for the titleholder. This saw Hannah come out swinging for her title defence, but was quickly overwhelmed by her larger challenger. This brought out Holly to get between the pair, but her sister sent her away, saying she had been hurt enough. A big boot later and Tapa scored the pinfall to win the belt.

Tapa was booked to wrestle then-champion Trina Thompson for the title last month, but a knee injury 10 days before the show meant that Thompson had to relinquish the belt, and it was put up for grabs in a four-way ladder match involving Tapa, the Blossoms and Taeler Hendrix, which was won by Hannah after she shoved her sister off the rungs to grab the title.

It’s been a busy few weeks for Tapa. As well as winning the OVW Women’s strap, she also made her debut on TNA Impact Wrestling last week, destroying Velvet Sky ahead of the former Knockout Champion’s match against Brooke Tessmacher. Should she play her cards right and by pushed hard – which is probably necessary considering how stagnant the Knockouts division is – she could be the next challenger for ODB.

– Lee Burton
– Picture by OVWMania


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