AIW Girls Night Out 9 & 10: Allysin Kay & Veda Scott battle twice, Nikki Storm debuts, plus more!

AIW Girls Night OutFight Season is underway with aplomb. Earlier today, Bellatrix kickstarted proceedings with their Bellatrix 7 show, featuring an interpromotional series of matches between Bellatrix and SHIMMER – but even as that show was wrapping up, Ohio’s Absolute Intense Wrestling was already underway with their double DVD tapings of Girls Night Out 9 & 10.

Headlined by the ongoing rivalry between Absolute Women’s Champion Allysin Kay and challenger Veda Scott, the two were to meet twice across the tapings, once in a “dream partners” tag match on GNO 9 and finally, conclusively for the title as the main event of GNO 10. Wa talked about the show with Allysin Kay a few days ago on the Women of Wrestling Podcast here on the site, but you can also check out some really strong interview videos uploaded (Veda | Allysin) to YouTube in the last few days also to get a taste of the rivalry.

Full results from both shows after the cut.

Girls Night Out 9
1. Annie Social (w/ Sammy Geodollno & Heidi Lovelace) pinned Jewells Malone with a Stunner.
2. Santana Garrett beat Jenny Rose via submission.
3. Leva Bates & Xandra Bale beat Jody D’Milo & Jasmin when Bates pinned D’Milo following a Superhero Kick.
— Post match, The Social Network of Annie Social, Heidi Lovelace & Sammy Geodollno attacked Bates & Bale.
4. Three Way Match: Angel Dust won over Melanie Cruise & Heidi Lovelace when she pinned Cruise with a roll-up.
5. Leah Von Dutch pinned Mickie Knuckles following interference by The Duke.
6. Savannah Summers pinned Sassy Stephie with a roll-up counter to the Kiss My Sass.
7. Taeler Hendrix pinned Marti Belle.
8. Kimber Lee made Nikki Storm submit to a cross armbreaker.
9. Dream Partners Tag Match: Allysin Kay & Mia Yim beat Veda Scott & Shanna when Yim pinned Shanna after Kay had chased Scott to the back.

Girls Night Out 10
1. Kimber Lee pinned Santana Garrett following an inverted piledriver.
2. Jasmin pinned Jody D’Milo.
3. Sassy Stephie defeated Jewells Malone via submission.
4. Melanie Cruise pinned Angel Dust following a Chokeslam.
5. The Social Network (Annie Social & Heidi Lovelace) beat Leva Bates & Xandra Bale with a powerbomb/backstabber combination.
6. Three Way Match: Leah Von Dutch (w/ The Duke) won over Savannah Summers & Shanna when Von Dutch pinned Summers after Summers had been laid out by The Duke.
7. No Disqualification: Mickie Knuckles pinned Jenny Rose after suplexing her through a table.
8. Nikki Storm pinned Mia Yim with the Cyclone Neckbreaker.
9. AIW Absolute Women’s Title: Allysin Kay made Veda Scott submit to retain the title.

Ringbelles correspondent Dave Muscarella was in attendance at the shows, and has filled the following live perspective thoughts on the show, which should hopefully be released in the near future both on DVD and digitally via SmartMarkVideo

GNO 9:

• Small crowd was disappointing. I would say only maybe 50 or so people. A bit of a let down but this being AIW’s first double taping, I could see why some might not want to stick around for 6 hours of women’s wrestling.

• It was good to see Dave Prazak support the Female Fight season by doing commentary on some of the matches. I imagine he could also be doing some scouting for future SHIMMER events as well.

• Social Network were missing a member as Nikki St John was not on either show and not at ringside. No mention was ever made of her.

• Jewells Malone made a good debut against Annie and the match was servicable. Solid stuff, but nothing really sticks out from memory. Jewells is billed as the “Princess of hardcore” but never did anything to back that up though.

• Jenny was back and even though she wrestled two babyfaces, she never did anything to signify she was a heel. Her submission to win the match was quite unique and I am not sure what to call it other than effective. Santana was very over with the crowd as before the show had the longest line at the merch table. Sadly, that popularity didn’t translate well to the matches because for the most part, the crowd was quiet though a lot of matches, but that was more of a problem for GNO 10. Still, Satana vs Rose was what you’d expect, very solid and sound.
Bates and Bale
• Leva & Bale seem like they were custom made for each other. Bale wore her Wolverine-inspired outfit, and Leva countered with her Cyclops gear. They worked well as a team and hopefully will be back together when AIW runs their next GNO tapings. And after their matched were attacked by the Social Network which led to their match at GNO 10.

• Jody D’Milo and Jasmin were a different story. Jodi played the teacher to Jasmin’s student role very well. Jasmin was at times afraid to do things and at other times did things at the wrong time much to D’Milo’s anger. This would lead into their singles match against each other at GNO 10 which much like the the post match angle, told a nice story. Jasmin is very young, but she def got the crowd’s attention and really performed her role to perfection.

• The 3 way was a perfect way to stack the odds against Angel Dust and Heidi and present Melanie Cruise as this monster. Whiile the match was fun and very enjoyable, I do wish the gave Cruise more of a chance to really impress the crowd with either some kind of double move on both of her opponents or some other feat of strength. Angel Dust rolling her up didn’t take away from Cruise’s presence and once again gave the match with Angeldust and Cruise meaning. This is the positive of running two tapings back to back. Lots of build up from GNO 9 to GNO 10.

• Leah Von Dutch being part of #NIXON was a welcomed surprise. I’ll admit, I am a big LVD fan. But to really appreciate this angle, you gotta understand all the backstory. LVD’s no show was a point of contention with AIW for months and month. The owners had a war of words on Twitter a lot. Personally, I started beliving the hype and when I saw LVD booked for a show the same day as AIW, it seemed legit. Turns out, that show LVD was booked on on 10/6 was fake. It was never real and she was apart of GNO all along. In the day and age of the internet knowing everything, I was genuinely surprised about this debut. LVD is really coming into her own and this show was more of that. Mickie Knuckles beat up LVD pretty good including a funny spot of them going under the ring and very loud thumps and the ring being pounded from the underside was a fun way to sell the beating without showing it. LVD wins thanks to the Duke, and this would happen again later on at GNO 10. LVD adds a fresh face to Nixon and was done extremely well IMO.

• Savannah Summers was someone who I knew very little about, but was impressed with at GNO. While her match vs Sassy Stephie doesn’t stand out that much, I can’t recall anything negative about it other than being surprised at Steph losing. That made her GNO record 0-5 which the crowd reminded her constantly.

• Marti Belle was Seleziya Sparx’s replacement and did her best vs Taeler, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say Seleziya missing the show was a disappointment. Taeler was vastly improved since GNO 6 and the match was very good, albeit a little short. Belle was the heel here, unlike her role at GNO 5, but that was so long ago, it doesn’t really matter I suppose.

• Nikki Storm was one of the most impressive of the tapings and was immediately over with the crowd as the heel who everyone hates. She can trash talk with the best of them and the crowd loved getting on her about her accent. Kimber Lee was her usual awesome self and while I remember the match being good, I can’t remember much except for Kimber Lee winning by submission. Still, Nikki Storm is legit and can make any match she’s in really fun.

• Main Event of GNO 9 was good, but more of a story than a great match. AK & Mia Yim being tag partners somewhat brings their historic feud with each other to a close as they started out as part of the same stable with Chest Flexxor at GNO 5. AK called Mia “the toughest woman besides herself that the knows”. Shanna seems to be the dream partner of choice these days (she was also Chris Dickinson’s “dream partner” at the last WSU event), and a very solid pick for Veda. The story here was Greg Iron came out assuming he was her pick and Veda becoming angry and insisting that while they are “tag partners”, Shanna was too good to pass up for this match. Shanna & Veda never really clicked as Veda was ordering her around most of the match. Near the end, Veda and AK ran around the ring to the locker room which left Shanna by herself to get pinned by Mia.

GNO 10:

• Kimber Lee & Santana was very good, but felt a bit rushed. Kimber Lee really killed Santana with a piledriver/pedigree type move that really looked impressive. Santana got a “Please come back” chant as did most of the debuts.

• Jasmin got to play the full on babyface in her match vs D’Milo and the crowd really got behind her. I’ll admit, I wouldn’t think Jasmin would win this, but it was a nice surprise. I hope she comes back, as she has some potential in the ring, while being easy on the eyes, no doubt.

• Sassy FINALLY wins a GNO match vs Jewells Malone. Her finisher was something I’ve never really seen before and hard to desribe. It was like a Sharp Shooter but using the arms instead of the legs. Maybe Steph can start a winning streak?

• Melanie really impressed in her match vs Angel Dust. She really dominated most of the match, but Angel Dust kept coming back. Cruise is vastly underused and could be on Jessicka Havok’s level if pushed by someone. Really like her. This match did suffer a bit from a tired crowd as even Cruise said multiple times “See? Dead silence. No one cares!” By the end though, the crowd was a bit more lively. I’ll say this, Angel Dust’s small size can really make someone look like a monster. She takes a beating like few others.
The Social Network
• Social Network get a win over Bates & Bale who had matching Punisher themed gear. The double team finisher of powerbomb into a backstabber was impressive. Good work from all involved.

• The International Showcase of Summers vs Shanna turned into a 3 way with LVD thanks to The Duke. Once again, thanks to the Duke, LVD picks up a win. I would like to see all 3 back in AIW again.

• Mickie Knuckles vs Jenny Rose was supposed to be a straight up match but Knuckles was irratated by a tweet she read that said people miss the OLD Mickie. The hardcore, queen of the deathmatch Mickie. So the match became a Falls count anywhere, no DQ brawl. They went ALL OVER Turner’s Hall. Around ringside, into a storage room, into the hallway, and even into the MEN’s bathroom. The did the famous scene from The Wrestler which each of them sitting in chairs opposite from each other. This was a really fun brawl that just had all kinds of plunder. Jenny Rose has a habit of stealing the show, and with this match, I think she did it again. Jenny got a very good stand ovation after her match. Rose is someone who has a lot of diversity and it will be sad to see her go back to Japan after WSU. She will be missed.

• Nikki vs Mia was about as good as their SHINE 13 match, although by now the crowd was almost dead silent and I felt that hurt the match a lot. It was very good, but it didn’t have the buzz that the SHINE match had. Either way, they are 1-1 now, so I hope we see a rubber match somewhere. Maybe SHIMMER?

Allysin Kay Veda Scott by Dave Muscarella• Main event had a lot of buzz to live up to. And, I’ll say this, it was pretty good. Veda showed a lot of heart, and by the end, the vast majority of the crowd was solidly behind her. Even though AK was the face going in, you wouldn’t really know it from this match. I think AIW has accepted her Veda as one of their own. Greg Iron tried to get involve and use a steel chair, but got superkicked in the face by AK for his troubles. Veda lost, and I think a lot of people would have thought she’d be winning the title here. She did insist on a rematch afterwards though and the fans had a very long “VEDA SCOTT” chant. It was actually quite heartwarming. I am not sure if Veda earned the respect of Allysin Kay, but she damn well earned Cleveland’s respect. I would like to see this rematch happen on a regular AIW show and see what a packed crowd at Turner’s Hall can do with it.

• Overall, I had a lot of fun and give it two thumbs up. A lot of new stories and angles seem to be set in motion at these tapings and I am eager to see what happens with Hope & Change next. The international talent added a little something new to GNO and helped keep things fresh. The girls all worked hard and it showed.

Photos by Leva Bates, Heidi Lovelace and Dave Muscarella


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