Battleground: Sisterly bond costs Brie Bella

WWE AJ Lee TaminaBrie Bella challenges AJ Lee for the WWE Divas Championship at Battleground with Brie’s sister Nikki at ringside, while AJ’s new bodyguard Tamina Snuka accompanied the Divas Champion.

The Background
• Brie pinned AJ as part of a 10-Diva tag team match on the September 23 episode of Raw. It was later announced that Bella would challenge AJ for the title.
• After Brie beat Aksana on the final SmackDown before the PPV, AJ came out to run down Bella’s engagement to Daniel Bryan – saying that if they were to have children, the doctor would spank Brie for producing such an unattractive baby.

The Match
• Brie kicked off by slapping AJ and took her down, raining punches on her, causing the titleholder to scoot out of the ring. As the challenger gave chase, she was blocked from continuing her attack by Snuka, though when the fight got back into the ring, Bella continued with her assault, nailing a dropkick from the middle rope for a two count.
• AJ got the advantage by running Bella into the ringpost and then working on her left arm with hammerlocks and arm wringers. Brie attempted to fight back with a DDT, but that was reversed into a Divorce Court to her injured arm.
• Brie has another chance when the Divas Champion missed a corner charge but the titleholder maintained control until Bella connected with a dropkick to mount a comeback with a schoolgirl attempt, clothesline, a couple more dropkicks and a backbreaker for a near-fall.
• Bella nailed a running knee to a downed AJ and was about to go for the pin when she spotted Tamina putting her hands on Nikki, allowing AJ to sneak in a schoolgirl pinfall for the victory.

AJ Lee WWE Brie Bella• Story-wise, it was fine. AJ worked on the injured arm well and Brie sold it for the most part, though seemed to forget about it when she was in her stride during the comeback. The actual wrestling itself was pretty simple – which was fine, as I’m more than happy for that to be the case rather than people being overly ambitious and messing it all up.
• However, the crowd reaction wasn’t really there – though they did perk up when AJ was working the audience with her posing. Among the people who were reacting to the match, it seemed that AJ was the more popular – and that makes sense, considering while the Bellas are babyfaces, it was not the most pronounced turn and it looks like it’s hard for fans to shake off the twins’ heel antics over the years.
• Again, WWE has put its faith in AJ Lee over the Total Divas cast for the second straight PPV. That’s twice that I’ve expected her to drop the belt to a member of the cast of the E! show and it hasn’t happened. I’m going to stop predicting her demise.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by WWE


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