WSU "Blood and Thunder" iPPV results – Havok defends against Lexxus, Saraya Knight debuts

Saraya chokes MickieIt’s a big day for Women Superstars Uncensored today, as they put on an iPPV from their usual home base of the Flyers Skate Zone in Vorhees, NJ. It’s an important show as not only does it feature a WSU World Title defence over a year in the making, the full WSU debuts of international talents like Nikki Storm and Saraya Knight (the latter of whom takes on Mickie Knuckles in a No Disqualification match), but will also apparently feature an announcement of a new owner taking a stake in WSU – a new owner who will help secure the future of the company and open up more international doors.

In addition, we also have what might well be the sleeper match of the night as Allysin Kay takes on Kimber Lee, and more from the new generation of WSU talent like Santana Garrett, Barbi Hayden, Jewells Malone and more. You can still order the show (which includes 14 days of VOD access) at, or join us after the cut for results as they come in.

Show is late getting started due to overrunning hockey

1. Shanna (w/ Chris Dickinson) pinned Leah Von Dutch following the Injection of Perfection.
2. Barbi Hayden, Jessie Kaye & Jody D’Milo beat Jewells Malone, Santana Garrett & Xandra Bale when Hayden pinned Bale with a DDT.
3. Cherry Bomb Open Challenge: Hania pinned Cherry Bomb with a moonsault bodyblock.
4. Kimber Lee pinned Allysin Kay with the Code Red.
5. No Disqualification/Fans Bring The Weapons/Falls Count Anywhere: Mickie Knuckles pinned Saraya Knight with the Sit-Out Pumphandle Slam
6. WSU Spirit Championship: Marti Belle (c) pinned Ezavel Suena with an Olkahoma Roll. Suena attacked Belle after the pinfall and had to be dragged to the back.
7. Christina Von Eerie & Nevaeh beat Veda Scott & Jessie Brooks when Von Eerie pinned Scott with a Stranglehold Lungblower.
8. Jenny Rose beat Nikki Storm via submission to a multi-limbed lucha hold.
9. WSU World Championship: Jessicka Havok (c) pinned Lexxus with an Air Raid Crash.
– Post match, new WSU co-owner DJ Hyde made an appearance, promised that improvements were afoot in WSU, such as a website, every show streaming live on iPPV and so on. He promised to make Havok the biggest star she’s ever been… and she retaliated by kicking him in the gut and delivering an Air Raid Crash.


• First things first, this was a pretty great show. I wasn’t all that enamoured by the Uncensored Rumble, and the Queen and King of the Ring, while fun, was a one-night gimmick you felt wouldn’t have any long term impact (it didn’t) – but this… this is more like it. There were things I liked and things I wasn’t as fussed on, but the underlying feeling I had after watching the show was that I really enjoyed it. Good work, everybody.
• I always feel the need to comment on the commentary – and while it was for the most part good, I have to make mention of the play-by-play guy (I’m sorry, I’m not sure of his name – but as far as I can figure he’s the CZW guy) was having an absolute nightmare with names. Mistakenly identifying Jessie Kaye as Jessie McKay is actually an easy enough mistake to make (I still maintain Kaye needs to change that ring name for that very reason), but I felt sorry for him when he literally couldn’t say “Saraya” to save his life, constantly calling her “Sarita”. It was one of those days for him.
• Speaking of Saraya – her match with Mickie Knuckles was the one featured on the posters, and the one which Saraya arguing at WSUseemed to best sum up the term “Blood and Thunder”, and good GOD did they ever. First of all, this was Saraya “Uncensored”, as she invited the audience to “Suck My Dick”, squared up to ringsiders and beat the ever-loving crap out of Mickie, whilst Mickie obliged in kind. Look, I’ll admit, this sort of match isn’t for everybody (and it’s not something I’d want to see all the time), but these two tough broads beating the hell out of each other with weapons worked for me on this night. There did appear to be a phantom kick-out near the end as Saraya didn’t get her shoulder up, but the referee claimed she did (there seems to be a lot of that going on in women’s wrestling this year), but Mickie rallied and put Saraya away with her patented pump-handle. Could do without as many unprotected head shots, but this was dramatic and a lot of fun.
• The main event with Jessicka Havok vs Lexxus was a year in the making, and while I commented that Lexxus worked “solid, yet unspectacular” against Nevaeh in the last WSU show, she certainly stepped up her game against Havok. And why not? If you’re ever going to push the boat out with a performance, might as well do it in the main event of a show for the promotion’s World title. Havok was dependably Havok (a good thing), and actually sold a lot for Lexxus, which helped immensely. Not sure what you do with Lexxus after the loss, so that’ll be interesting to see. I noted Drew Cordeiro on commentary noting that “World Title shots don’t come around often” – so she may need to be plugged into a new feud.
• On the Havok point, she verbally berated Sassy Stephie for being booked elsewhere for the show in a promo just before the Allysin Kay vs Kimber Lee match. It’s clear there’s a reckoning coming with Havok and Stephie, but interestingly, Kay appeared to have a bit of a sheepish look on her face during this… giving nothing away. If there’s a side to take, which side will AK be on?
• Allysin Kay vs Kimber Lee was the match I was looking forward to most on the show, and while they did in fact Allysin Kay vs Kimber Leedeliver a really good match, the positioning of the match in the first half of the show meant that it was never going to be as good as it might be in a main event slot where they’d have time and freedom to be even more awesome. For what it was, it was still pretty great. Lots of kick based offence from both, which set it aside from most everybody else on the show. Kimber winning sets up the LONG awaited CUNT vs Midwest Militia Tag Title match, of course. Maybe on the next show?
• It’s been fun to see Nikki Storm interact and work with US based talent during her trip, and this was no exception – her match with Jenny Rose was very good. Truth be told, while the stream was good as gold for much of the night, this was the match where I had to endure a couple of freezes, which I think hurt the flow of the match for me – but it’s clear that Storm’s US trip continues with another successful match. Not sure what you All American Jenny Rosecall that finish, but it was a wacky lucha-inspired pretzel type move where Rose tied up every one of Storm’s extremities.
• Cherry Bomb’s open challenge introduced the former Saturyne, sans mask, wrestling as Hania. As a “debut”, this couldn’t have gone any better. She used some flashy and unique flying offence and pinned an established heel star in her first match. I guess this was the 2013 Fight Season version of Razor Ramon vs 1-2-3 Kid. Hania going over strongly suggests she’ll be back and given a spotlight. I have no issues with this.
• I’ve been a big fan of the people I’d termed the “new generation” of WSU… the likes of Santana Garrett, Barbi Hayden and Jewells Malone in particular.. and they all found themselves part of a trios match. Once again, good stuff in general. Jewells took a beating for much of the match for her team (she’s a superb babyface-in-peril), and Xandra Bale threw herself around on her team… and unfortunately seemed to glide through a gap in her catchers, landing on hear leg. We’re awaiting final diagnosis on this, but the options don’t look great. I’m liking Jody D’Milo more, but I’m still waiting for a breakout performance from her… but for me, once again, Barbi Hayden stood out. She looks a million dollars. She can go. She has character and knows how to get herself over… and the fact that she got the win with her DDT and one of those “Ultra Erotic Pinfalls” suggests to me she’s the one in this match that is heading skywards.
• The other three matches were fine. I enjoyed them least of the show, but there’s nothing wrong with any of them. Shanna vs Leah Von Dutch was a fine opener, for example. The Von Eerie/Nevaeh vs Scott/Brooks tag was a bit pedestrian and actually did seem a little off at times, but it didn’t outstay its welcome. Finally, the Marti Belle vs Ezavel Suena match is a feud that just doesn’t work for me. They’ve tried to heat up the program quite well with run-ins and pull-aparts, but something about this combination just doesn’t click for me. I’m sure it does for others, but I just couldn’t get into it.
• And finally… the new owner? DJ Hyde. The CZW owner, if you didn’t know. It makes sense, as WSU and CZW have had a hand in hand relationship for the last year, and with CZW ownership now part of the WSU ownership, it secures the future of the relationship. I’m sure it’ll be very interesting to see what happens regarding the website, the international relations and so-on, but for now, I guess all we can comment on is the in-ring angle to finish the show. As a non CZW fan, I have no idea what sort of character DJ Hyde is in that promotion, but the fans didn’t seem to like him at all here… meaning when Jessicka Havok kicked him in the stomach and delivered an Air Raid Crash, it really secured Havok as the big anti-establishment babyface. Again, I don’t know where they’re going with this, but part of me wonders if they’ve shot their load right out of the gate with Hyde/Havok. We’ll see.

• So, once again, a great show. Nice balance and mix of styles and talent. Keep this up, WSU. What could I see more of? More storylines, more character progression, more Santana, Barbi & Jewells. There were a few “one and done” names on this show – I don’t think we’ll see Nikki Storm, Saraya Knight, Shanna or Jenny Rose again any time soon in WSU, for example (but it’s Fight Season and I certainly appreciate stacking the card on this occasion), but there are certainly stories going forward that I want to see played out, so that’s all good for me.

– Stew Allen

Havok kills Hyde


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