Bound For Glory: Gail Kim gets a bodyguard and the Knockouts Title

Lei'D Tapa Gail Kim TNAODB defends the TNA Knockouts Championship against former titleholders Gail Kim and Brooke Tessmacher at Bound For Glory.

The Background
• It was announced on the October 10 episode of Impact Wrestling that ODB would defend her title at Bound For Glory against Kim and the winner of Tessmacher and Velvet Sky, with the former winning the match against an opponent who was still suffering the effects of an attack by Lei’D Tapa.
• Speaking of Tapa, she and ODB got into a fight on the same episode. The pair tangled during a match where ODB was taking on Jessie Godderz with the lofty newcomer getting the upper hand. Tapa was seen holding the Knockouts Championship above her head while standing over the fallen champion.

The Match
• ODB took control at the outset, easily handling her two challengers and sending Kim to the outside. Back in the ring, Brooke nailed her Asstastic booty pops, but ODB retaliated with a Bronco Buster.
• Gail returned to the ring to begin a surge, but was cut off by Tessmacher, who sent her fellow challenger sailing to the outside before taking over on ODB in the ring.
• Getting back into the fight, Kim locked a ringpost Figure FOur on Tessmacher, though was thwarted again by an ODB spear.
• The titleholder almost scored a tap out win with a half crab on Brooke, but Gail held Tessmacher’s arm up so she couldn’t give up.
• Taking to the ropes, ODB was unsuccessful in her double superplex attempt, ate a Kim missile dropkick, but Tessmacher then hit a top rope elbow on Gail.
• As ODB mounted her comeback, she ended up running into the ref, who then also endured a Gail dropkick, taking him out of the fray. While he was down, ODB connected with the Bam on Kim, who landed on Tessmacher, though there was nobody to count the fall.
• At this point, Tapa appeared on the ramp, with ODB going after her, but was floored with a big boot. Brooke then attempted to attack Tapa, but was caught with a top rope plancha and was powerbombed back into the ring, allowing Kim to score the title-winning pin.
• After the bell, Tapa lifted up Kim and handed her the Knockouts belt, signifying an alliance between the two.

ODB Lei'D Tapa TNAThoughts
• Right, let’s get the positives done first – the match was fine. It was fought in front of a quiet crowd, but the action in the ring was easy enough to watch, though not enough moments with all three participants for my liking. It felt more like singles matches than a triple threat.
• Brooke Tessmacher (who was simply introduced as “Brooke” by Christy Hemme) is settling into her heel role. She’s changed up her wrestling style to be more methodical and aggressive, as well as working the crowd with taunts. Thumbs up to her.
• TNA has been accused in recent months of copying WWE storylines. For example, Dixie Carter is playing a facsimile of Stephanie McMahon‘s character, AJ Styles is trying to do shoot promos like CM Punk, and now we have Kim with a large bodyguard, much like what AJ Lee has with Tamina Snuka. Hell, both Tamina and Tapa are of Samoan heritage, which makes it stand out even more.
• Let’s give TNA the benefit of the doubt and say it was planned before AJ and Tamina became a unit – if I was TNA bookers, I would have called an audible and changed the plans so there wouldn’t be the accusations of copying WWE. By executing the angle second, it looks like TNA can’t come up with its own ideas, even if they hypothetically did in this case.
• I have to question the result – does the world really need a new Knockouts Champion so soon? It was only last month that ODB won the belt, and even though it’s been a year since the last time Kim held it, it feels like it was more recent than that. Had Tessmacher won to bring the belt into Aces and Eights I may be more understanding, but there’s another pressing issue.
• By linking Tapa with Kim, it means she won’t be going for the title and Knockouts Championship matches will still feature the same faces as before. Plus, who will Gail defend against? She recently had a feud with ODB, Tessmacher is a heel and Sky isn’t being booked to wrestle that much at the moment. At least if Brooke had won the belt, she could have been against ODB, and if ODB had retained, it would have been her against Tapa. By making Kim the champion, it drastically narrows the options.
• Hopefully TNA has a plan. More than ever, it needs something to spark not just its division, but the promotion in general.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by TNA


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