NCW: Femmes Fatales XIII Live Results – Melissa & Mercedes vs LuFisto & Sweet Cherrie – No DQ

After shows from Bellatrix, AIW, WSU, SHIMMER and SHINE, the Fight Season curtain falls tonight in Montreal, Quebec as NCW: Femmes Fatales presents their thirteenth show. Thirteen is an unlucky number in many cultures, and there has certainly been an unlucky streak running through this show, first with the injury to Courtney Rush, then with the injury to her replacement Xandra Bale – and then only this week the last minute withdrawal of Saraya Knight due to a family emergency. However, one could conceivably argue that the final card actually ended up with an even stronger main event after the events of SHIMMER last weekend. While certainly the feud between Saraya and LuFisto in Montreal was hot, having Cheerleader Melissa opposite LuFisto in tag team competition just a week after they battled for the SHIMMER Championship in a bloody war – and with Melissa having Mercedes as her partner, just as she did last weekend in SHIMMER – the stakes are higher than ever. Also on the show will be a tantalising three-way with Angie Skye, Kimber Lee & Christina Von Eerie, a “Strap/Lumberjill match” between Portia Perez & Pink Flash Kira, and more. We’ve got live results from the Centre Sportif St-Barthélemy in suburban Montreal just after the cut.

a. Diana Hall pinned Zoey with a schoolgirl rollup.
— This was a pre-show match

1. 2/3 Falls: Leah Von Dutch & Kaitlin Diemond (w/ Courtney Rush) beat Midianne & Bettie Rage (w/ Deziree) 2 falls to 1.
First Fall: Von Dutch submitted Midianne with The Dutch Clutch.
Second Fall: Midianne pinned Von Dutch via rollup following a miscue between Von Dutch and Diemond.
Third Fall: Von Dutch tagged herself in and pinned Midianne after Diemond hit her Skank Drop.

-. Paul “The Butcher” Vachon was introduced to the crowd, and Pat Laprade paid homage to both Vivian and Luna Vachon, two pioneers of Quebec female wrestling. LuFisto and Sweet Cherrie were invited to come out to present plaques to Vachon. As he was thanking the crowd, Melissa & Mercedes attacked LuFisto and Cherrie from behind, prompting a brawl ahead of tonight’s main event.

2. Missy pinned Niya Barela with a flatliner.
— Said to be an impressive performance by Missy en route to victory. Early in the match, Niya had elbow dropped Missy’s teddy bear.

3. Lumberjill Strap Match: Pink Flash Kira beat Portia Perez via submission after strangling Perez with the strap.
— Portia made several attempts to walk out of the match, but was escorted back each time by members of Ontario Top Team, including a crutch-weilding Xandra Bale. After all the lumberjills were wiped out by a big Kira dive late in the match, Perez tried to leave via the entrance way – only to be returned to the ring by Courtney Rush. Kira soon after got the submission.

4. Mary Lee Rose beats Jody D’Milo (w/ Mademoiselle Rachelle) via DQ for not breaking on a five count and throwing an official across the ring.
— Interference in the match by Mme Rachelle, but otherwise Mary Lee Rose able to counter D’Milo on several occasions, including on a big Vader Bomb attempt. Eventually Jody went nuts and beat down Rose until she got herself disqualified by refusing to break on a five count and assaulting the referee.

5. Triple Threat: Angie Skye beat Christina Von Eerie and Kimber Lee when she pinned Von Eerie with a handful of tights.
— Von Eerie and Skye jump start the match by attacking Lee, who claimed she had to stretch before they started the match. Lots of nifty pin breakups, slap exchanges and dives. Post match, Skye and Von Eerie brawl to the back, while Kimber stays out of it.

6. No Disqualification – Anything Goes: LuFisto & Sweet Cherrie beat Cheerleader Melissa & Mercedes Martinez when LuFisto pinned Melissa following a Burning Hammer.
— A wild brawl of a match which saw the action spill to the outside, and Melissa throw one of the guard rails at LuFisto, busting her open. Melissa proceeded go crazy, throwing chairs at the prone LuFisto. Two referees were wiped out during the action, which also saw LuFisto put Mercedes through a table with a Death Valley Driver – which exploded into a million pieces. Melissa tried to pin Sweet Cherrie following a top rope dropkick with her feet on the ropes, but was thwarted by Courtney Rush. LuFisto eventually picked up Melissa and delivered a Burning Hammer for the pin. Post match, LuFisto dangled the SHIMMER Championship in the face of the defeated Champion.

— Stew Allen
— Photography by Tabercil Whom


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