In Video: A Kiwi Armageddon

Evie Olivia ShawIn the PWWA Interim Title Tournament DVD review from last week (click here to read it), I pointed out that it’s astounding at how proficient Evie is considering the small pool of female wrestlers there are in New Zealand – but it’s not as tiny as you may think.

For example, Impact Pro Wrestling has wrestlers like the aforementioned Evie, as well as former tag team partner Megan-Kate, Britenay and Olivia Shaw. Elsewhere, you have wrestlers like JpE, Nurse Payne and Scarlett in places like New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling and Maniacs United. Some of that talent was on display last weekend at the Armageddon Expo – a Comic Con for Australia and New Zealand featuring sci-fi, gaming, anime, collectibles, TV and movie stars and comic books.

Evie and Olivia Shaw took on Britenay and Amy St Clere in tag team action in front of a bunch of spectators at the event in Auckland, faced with the Herculean task of keeping a non-wrestling crowd interested at an event where they were unlikely to have been going to see this sort of thing and could be drawn away by the pull of other attractions. To their credit they held the audience, didn’t have to kill themselves to do it, and put on an enjoyable contest in the process. Have a watch.


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