Two title changes mark Stardom's 100th show

Act Yasukawa StardomOn January 23, 2011, World Wonder Ring Stardom hosted its debut show in front of 466 fans at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring in Tokyo, Japan. Kicking off with Iris & Nanae Takahashi beating Natsuki Taiyo & Yuzuki Aikawa and culminating with Yoko Bito defeating Yoshiko, the promotion quickly became a player, crowning its first singles champions in the middle of that year, followed by tag team champions in November, and six-woman titles were introduced in January of this year.

Stardom held its biggest show in its history in April with Ryogoku Cinderella at Ryogoku Kokugikan (Sumo Hall) in Tokyo. With Dark Angel winning the vacant Wonder of Stardom Championship, while Io Shirai claimed the World Of Stardom belt and Yuzuki Aikawa retiring from the ring, it was the end of one era and the dawn of another. Seven months on, Stardom has hit another milestone with its 100th card, held at Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall in front of 1,020 fans, and saw two titles change hands.

The first title change on the event took place in match 4, when the Kimura Monster-gun stable of Kyoko Kimura, Alpha Female and The Female Predator Amazon (AKA Amazon Ayesha Ray) managed to gain some revenge to win the six-woman Artist Of Stardom Championship by beating the Chibizu team of Kairi Hojo, Kaori Yoneyama& Yuhi. The outgoing champions had beating another incarnation of Monster-gun (Christina Von Eerie, Hailey Hatred and Kimura) to win the vacant belts back in June. The win marks Alpha’s second run with a Stardom title after holding the World Of Stardom strap earlier this year, as well as Kimura’s second belt in the promotion, as she had Amazon Ayesha Ray Kyoko Kimura Alpha Femaleheld the Goddesses Of Stardom titles with Hatred in the spring. The win also marks Amazon’s first joshi championship.

Another champion fell in the following contest with Dark Angel dropping the Wonder Of Stardom title to Act Yasukawa, which marks a resurgence for a woman who had to vacate the Artist Of Stardom Title earlier this year after damaging her spinal cord, and was not given a fixed amount of time until she could return – she ended up coming back after two months of rest. It was also a reversal of the result from Ryogoku Cinderella where Dark Angel won the belt, as she pinned Yasukawa to earn the title.

In the main event, Io Shirai racked up her third win as World Of Stardom Champion by beating inaugural titleholder and 5STAR GP winner Nanae Takahashi in a match which went right down to the wire, as Shirai pulled out the win with just one second to go before the 30 minute time limit expired. Even if it had run out, Io would have retained the championship, but a bigger statement was made by getting the decisive victory.

After the conclusion of the match, Shirai invited Arisa Nakajima to the ring, saying she wanted the former JWP Openweight Champion to be her next challenger – however Nakajima said she wanted to regain the Openweight title from Kana before accepting the challenge. Could this lead to a Champion v Champion match in the future? We’ll see.

Io Shirai StardomBelow are the results of Stardom’s 100th show, courtesy of the Stardom website, Joshifans and Open The Puroresu Gate:

1. Natsuki*Taiyo beat Koguma in 7:02 with a diving bodypress.
2. Hiroyo Matsumoto pinned Takumi Iroha in 10:04 with the Hiroyo Stone.
3. Natsuki*Taiyo & Yoshiko beat Miho Wakizawa & Mayu Iwatani in 8:50. Yoshiko pined Iwatani after a diving senton.
4. Artist Of Stardom Championship Match: Kyoko Kimura, Alpha Female & The Female Predator “Amazon” beat Kaori Yoneyama, Kairi Hojo & Yuhi (c) in 15:39 to win the Artist Of Stardom Championship. Kimura pinned Hojo after a big boot.
5. Wonder Of Stardom Championship Match: Act Yasukawa defeated Dark Angel (c) in 8:49 with an ACTΩ to win the Wonder Of Stardom Championship.
6. World Of Stardom Championship Match: Io Shirai (c) beat Nanae Takahashi with a Mágica de Io.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by World Wonder Ring Stardom & Amazon Ayesha Ray


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