ABC Catch to stage second all-women show

ABC Catch FemininBack in March, France was offered the first all-women show since the demise of Queens Of Chaos. Association Biterroise de Catch presented a small re-introduction to a card full of females with its “Tournoi des Amazones” show, boasting wrestlers from across Europe. Featuring the likes of Shanna, Lady Lory, Kay Lee Ray, Morgane Leigh, Sara Marie Taylor, Alpha Female, Carmel Jacob and Viper, it ended with Shanna retaining her Women’s Championship over Alpha and Leigh, Ray & Viper defeating Lory, Jacob and Taylor in a six-woman main event to send the French fans home happy by seeing Morgane on the winning team.

November 23 will see ABC Catch present a second all-women’s show in 2013, once again in Béziers. Still testing out the waters to see if the fans will accept the concept, it will feature a relatively modest number of wrestlers to keep outgoings down – a prudent move in the early going – but will again present stars from across the continent to do battle.

As well as Shanna, Morgane, Carmel, Viper & Lory all coming back, the show will also see the French debuts of Bete Noire (whose name should get over well) and Leah & Kasey Owens. However despite being featured on the poster, KLR will not be able to attend the event. Nevertheless, fans should still expect a strong card featuring the women involved. No matches have been announced as of yet, but hopefully this will be another step towards a bona fide women’s wrestling promotion on the continent – it would be well received, as the UK is getting quite busy for women’s shows these days, considering there is ICW: Fierce Females, Bellatrix, Pro Wrestling: EVE and British Bombshells launching next year.

– Lee Burton


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