Where the bloody hell is Kaitlyn?

Kaitlyn Milk CartonDoes anybody remember this woman – rather muscular, goofy personality, likes moustaches, calls herself the Hybrid Diva and held the WWE Divas Championship for close to half of 2013? She won the title from Eve Torres halfway through January in her hometown of Houston, TX to a big pop, and successfully defended the belt against Tamina Snuka at Elimination Chamber the following month, and then was involved in a long running feud with her former tag partner and friend AJ Lee, which led to her dropping the championship and losing the subsequent rematch?

Seriously, has anyone seen what happened to Kaitlyn‘s in-ring career? It went AWOL after SummerSlamwhere she won – and while there have been brief sightings of her at a couple of house shows and also two TV appearances in October (both losses), she has been off our screens in a wrestling capacity for more than a month, and before her losses on Superstars and SmackDown, she had been missing since she and Dolph Ziggler defeated AJ and Big E Langston in Los Angeles. It’s a massive fall from grace for someone who was riding the crest of the wave as 2013 got underway.

We will acknowledge that she has been keeping busy to a certain extent – like her unboxing the Phenom edition of the WWE 2K14 game and being in the skybox commentary position at Hell In A Cell, but it seems that the most newsworthy thing about Kaitlyn in the latter half of this year is that she dyed her two-tone hair into an all brown hairdo. When the biggest piece of news about you is getting your locks coloured, you really haven’t been up to much – and it’s a shame, as we’re Kaitlyn fans here at Ringbelles.

Kaitlyn WWE 2k14Sure, she’s not the best wrestler in the world, but she has a likeable personality, works hard and was genuinely improving in the ring to the point that her match with AJ at Payback was a pretty enjoyable watch. To go from there and to be pretty much erased from our minds 8 weeks later is a pretty poor state of affairs, and she deserves better. Admittedly, her Divas Title run didn’t set the world on fire, but for the most part she had nobody to work with – a concern we shared the day after she won the title, where we predicted she would beat Tamina and then enter a feud with her former Chickbusters compadre. She was nowhere to be seen at WrestleMania and was left languishing afterwards too, until the storyline about a secret admirer began, which led to her being duped, manipulated, humiliated again and again, and then saw her lose the title without putting up that much resistance. She was cannon fodder for AJ, and she has not come close to regaining that spark.

Reasons for this happening? Well, if she pissed off someone higher up, there has been no word of it – and we doubt that she’s much of a diva (in the Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey sense of the word). As mentioned, she was getting better between the ropes and even though she was the less dynamic of the two in the AJ feud, she did well to show anger, frustration, hurt, upset and pain. As a foil for AJ’s cruel actions, she did pretty well. It’s just that aside from the mixed tag win which meant little and was in the death spot on the SummerSlam card, she’s never showed any sign of a resurgence – and her sporadic TV appearances haven’t helped. Indeed, she is the only Diva to not have been involved in some capacity in the Total Divas feud, which is tragic, when you consider that every other woman was getting TV time out of it.

Kaitlyn WWE Hell In A CellIn her current position, she’s apparently not going anywhere, so changes need to happen. The best suggestion we could come up with to refresh Kaitlyn’s fortunes would be a heel turn, where she admits to AJ that all the things the reigning titleholder accused of her being – weak and pathetic – were true, and she wasn’t ready to accept it. She can say that all the rude things she said about the Divas which AJ brought up were honest statement, she didn’t regret saying them and she stands by what she said. It could lead to a Chickbusters reunion on the other side of the tracks with Tamina as the hired muscle, and the likes of the Bella Twins, Natalya and the Funkadactyls looking to gain a measure of revenge.

This in unlikely to happen and is all fantasy booking, but someone needs to do something with Kaitlyn. She may not set the world on fire, but she has the personality to convey a character and should be allowed to do so. WWE are paying her – they may as well try and get some return for their investment. After all, she has a shedload of t-shirts which need selling.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by WWE, Kaitlyn


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