IPW Women's Championship is vacant… again

Emmy Driver IPWIn August last year, Evie became the first Impact Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion after winning a tournament to claim the title. However, it appeared that she would be the only person to ever wear the belt, as the promotion hosted what it thought would be its final show in April, though IPW was revived three month later – with the caveat that all the titles would be vacated.

After a three-way title decider between Evie, Britenay and Olivia Shaw was thrown out because of interference by Megan-Kate, an announcement on the Women’s Championship was made at the promotion’s show in August, though it was unsatisfactory for all the female members of the roster as Head of Live Events Steve Wrigley presented the title to the unknown Emmy Driver after deeming that everyone else was unworthy of holding it. The decision was met with universal criticism and is still one of the most unpopular decisions we’ve witnessed by fans.

However, a four woman tournament was declared to determine a new top contender for the title, with Evie beating former tag partner Megan-Kate to reach the final, while Britenay beat Olivia Shaw. In the end, Evie became the next challenger by defeating in her longtime rival at Right to Reclaim in October. Earlier today, the former titleholder stepped into the ring at Nightmare Road: Last Chance in Auckland, New Zealand to try and regain the championship from the current Women’s Champ, who despite holding the belt, was making her wrestling debut.

In what is a situation of mixed emotions, the title is no longer in Driver’s possession, but neither is it back around Evie’s waist:

According to the kick-happy Kiwi, she had Emmy up for the TTWL but interference meant that the defending titleholder managed to slip away and made a run for it. As a result, the championship has been declared vacant for the second time in the title’s 15 month history.

The result has seen varying reactions from the roster. Steve Wrigley seems perplexed by the whole episode:

Meanwhile, Britenay seems to be doubly happy as her rival isn’t the champion, but neither is Driver, which presumably means she feels as if she is eligible to have another shot at winning the belt:

Evie quickly responded though, saying the clean-up job of the women’s division isn’t done yet:

While Evie may not hold the title, it seems that the women’s roster is closer to reclaiming the belt they had worked hard to have created. On the flip side, what’s to stop Wrigley from just handing the belt back to Emmy Driver with a weak excuse? Will Evie be allowed another shot, considering the event was called Last Chance? We’ll see what happens in the future, but it seems that steps are being taken to clean up what was a very unsavoury situation earlier this year.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Impact Pro Wrestling


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