Two new promotions coming to the UK – British Bombshells & LCW Roses

British Bombshells LCW RosesThe women’s wrestling scene is growing at a rapid pace in the United Kingdom. Three years ago, the only all-women’s outfit was Pro Wrestling: EVE – now there is also Bellatrix and ICW: Fierce Females as full-on promotions, and many groups like FutureShock Wrestling, Inernational Championship Wrestling: United Kingdom and Preston City Wrestling are either building or have established a women’s division. Other promotions like LDN Wrestling and the Solent Wrestling Federation have also tried their hand at it, but two new companies are getting ready to burst onto the scene in 2014 to accommodate the ever-growing number of female grapplers looking for a place to ply their craft.

With different part of the UK which are currently lacking strong all-women events, we have British Bombshells, which appears to be servicing fans in the north east of England, while LCW Roses is focusing on the centre of the country. Technically, the former has already dipped its toe in the water, so let’s start with them…

After showing up in September, British Bombshells held an exhibition showcase at the Tidal Wrestling show in Leeds on Tuesday, with Canadian Leah Von Dutch defeating Lana Austin and Bellatrix regular Violet O’Hara in a 3-way match. Also at the show, branded bottles of water and roster booklets were on sale, showing that the ball is certainly rolling, and rolling quickly. A huge amount of names have already been announced for its roster – some internationally travelled, some making Violet Vendetta Forecast Designsnames for themselves, and some who are relatively new. Austin and O’Hara were first names revealed last month, followed by Welsh grappler Nixon, Sheffield-based Shax and fellow Yorkshire wrestler Lexi Reckless.

Also announced for the roster are four other former My Name Is guests – Jezabeth, Sammii Jayne, Debbie Sharpe and Violet Vendetta – as well as Ireland’s Kazza G. Rounding off the names are three women who have recently been making their return to the ring – Kandy Leigh took time away from the ring a couple of years ago but has recently been lacing up the boot again; first-ever Fight Like A Girl guest Faith Lehaine has been off for around 18 months after having her first child, while real-life beauty pageant winner Princess Nadia Sapphire is back after 4 years off after suffering a devastating knee injury.

The initial impression of British Bombshells is a good one. A look at its Facebook page shows some amazing graphic work, logos for each wrestler, bios and some top-end photography. While it may have only promoted one match so far – though it will be involved in the UK Wrestling charity show in Leeds next Friday – and a lot of the roster may not be that well known, but there certainly a buzz around it due to its high-end presentation.

The other promotion will likely beat British Bombshells to a full-on debut show though. Bursting into our consciousness in the past couple of weeks has been LCW Roses – an off-shoot of Leicester Championship Wrestling, and up until now has not had much to do with women’s wrestling. However, that will all change on January 25 when it will stage a matinee show featuring stars from England, Scotland and overseas.

Jenna JettThe roster features more established names in the British wrestling scene. Scots Nikki Storm, Viper, Kay Lee Ray and Viper have been announced for debut show, as well as Erin Angel, Rhia O’Reilly and Pollyanna Peppers. Aforementioned Violet Vendetta and Princess Nadia Sapphire will also be there, though LCW is also looking to the future by booking some newer names including its own trainee Shauna Shay and House Of Pain students Felony & Jenna (who wrestles under the name of Jenna Jett at HXC Wrestling in Manchester, as is a better name, as it makes her stand out a bit more). Rounding off the list is the recently-relocated All American Canadian Addy Starr, who is steadily picking up bookings since moving to England a couple of months ago.

While no singles matches have been announced, the promotion says the show will be main evented with a Roses Rumble, which is also the title of the show. Essentially it’s a battle royal where you can be eliminated if your feet touch the floor in any form or fashion, be that over the top rope, through the ropes or under the bottom rope.

With Bellatrix 8 coming in the spring and Fierce Females undoubtedly setting up an event for the first half of the year, it’s going to be a busy time for women’s wrestling in the UK, and if you’re Brit there is bound to be some female action near to you. Get along to it.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by Forecast Designs/British Bombshells & LCW Roses


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