Viper finally wins the SWE Future Division Title

Viper SWEWhen wrestling fans discuss the top female talent based in Scotland, the names which immediately come to their lips are ones like Kay Lee Ray and Nikki Storm. While they deservedly have their plaudits, there are a great number of Scottish women wrestlers who are doing great things both in their home country and further abroad. One of them is Viper.

2013 has been good to the Paisley native, and has seen the number of matches wrestled skyrocket compared to previous years. Making appearances in France and all across England – including competing at Pro Wrestling: EVE and Bellatrix, she was also part of the main events presented by Insane Championship Wrestling: Fierce Females, engaging in a fantastic title decider against KLR at Luke… Who’s Yer Da?, and then dived off elevated railings as part of a 3-way against Ray and Amazing Kong at XX: It’s In Our DNA. However, despite these excellent performances – and a great effort to drop more than 30 pounds in the last few months – a championship had eluded her this year. She was beaten by EmbryoniX Champion Carbon at RAD:PRO Wrestling in January and defeated by defending FutureShock Women’s Champion April Davids in April and July, as well as the Fierce Females losses. However, she is now in possession of the Scottish Wrestling Entertainment Future Division Championship – though it took her two bites of the cherry to do so…

On October 26, the 22-year old had the title won after making defending champion “The Jackal” Jason Costello tap out to a Boston Crab, though the referee reversed his decision due to her refusal to release the hold, meaning she lost the match via DQ. The saving grace was that she was granted another crack at the title, and that contest took place on Saturday.

According to OSWtv, the challenger was on the defensive for most of the contest but refused to say die. Frustrated, Costello hit Viper with his title belt and wanted special guest referee and heel SWE Owner Braveheart to disqualify him, though he didn’t get his way. Instead, Viper delivered a low blow to The Jackal and went to deliver a belt shot of her own, though Braveheart took the belt from her, which led to Viper daring the owner to take a shot at her. Taking the bait, he went for it, causing the challenger to duck and Costello took the belt to his face, which led to him being pinned. After the match, the crowd gave the new titleholder a standing ovation, as her long road to the title was finally over.

It’s possible that this title win won’t be the only one for 2013, as there is still time to squeeze one more in. She takes on Danni Hunter for the vacant FutureShock Women’s Title in Manchester, England on December 14, so she could finish the year as a double champion.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Scottish Wrestling Entertainment


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