In Video: Heidi Lovelace at National Pro-Wrestling Day

Heidi Lovelace NPWD by Mike Kalasnik
Wednesday on Ringbelles is usually “Ringbelles Retro” day, but our clip from this week isn’t particularly retro – it’s from this year, in fact – but it still seems a long time ago, and was one of the first big moments of the year for one of 2013s most impressive performers, Heidi Lovelace. After this match, which took place at National Pro Wrestling Day 2013, Lovelace would go on to have one of the most talked-about angles of the year with Taeler Hendrix in OVW, and produce quality performances in SHINE, SHIMMER, AAW, AIW, St Louis Anarchy, Chikara Pro and several of the Wrestling Is promotions, to name but a few.

It’s actually thanks to the Wrestling Is YouTube channel that we bring this match to you today – and it’s Heidi Lovelace teaming with Devin Bliss to take on the team of Reed Bentley & Tripp Cassidy, collectively known as The League. The intergender match took place on the evening card at NPWD under the “Wrestling Is Heart” banner. As we pointed out when we commended Heidi during our “A good half year for…” series earlier in the year, this match is ALL about heart. Bliss is in one of his first matches as a pro, and Lovelace, taking the lead for her team, takes an absolute shitkicking from The League. Sadly the YouTube video cuts off pretty swiftly after the match, but if you saw the match at the time on iPPV (or want to buy the VOD via SmartMarkVideo), you’ll see the assembled wrestling fans raise the roof in appreciation after the match for the gusty, heart-filled performance by Lovelace here – setting the scene for her superb year. Click through after the cut to check it out, and when you’re done, check out (or revisit) our half-hour interview with Heidi from earlier in the year when we talked about this match (and more).

— Stew Allen
— Main photo by Mike Kalasnik


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