Evie regains the IPW Women's Championship… and turns heel

EvieThe saga over the Impact Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship has been rumbling on since July when all the promotion’s titles were declared vacant following a relaunch, and the decider between Evie, Britenay and Olivia Shaw ended in a no-contest thanks to the interference of Megan-Kate. In August, Head of Live Events Steve Wrigley handed the title to the unknown Emmy Driver after saying no woman on the roster was worthy of holding the belt. Understandably, the decision was met with near-universal derision.

After winning a four-woman tournament to become the number one contender, Evie finally got the chance to get Driver in the ring at IPW’s show last month, but the titleholder made a run for it, resulting in the title being declared vacant. At the time, Evie called it a good news/bad news situation in that Emmy Driver was no longer the champion, but neither was she.

Another match for the vacant belt took place at last night’s show in Lynfield, New Zealand – again between Evie, Shaw and Britenay – and a new champion was finally crowned.

The inaugural champion regained the belt by hitting a TTYL on Britenay, which is likely a massive relief to have the title out of the turmoil which has been surrounding it since the spring when it was originally stripped from Evie. The Emmy Driver angle seems to be done, which is a relief, as it was a storyline which frustrated and annoyed more than it entertained and didn’t even end with the natural conclusion of Driver being beaten in the ring and being shown that she didn’t belong in the ring or was worthy of holding the title. However, the developments for the women’s division did not end there.

New Zealand Pro Wrestling Informer reports that at the conclusion of the main event – a Fans Bring The Weapons IPW NZ Heavyweight Championship match between titleholder Vinny Dunn and challenger Travis Banks – the new Women’s Champion and owner Daniel Burnell turned on the fans, forming a stable called The Investment.

It’s a turn that hasn’t been alluded to and has come out of the blue. We will see if she forms bonds with rival Britenay or former BFF turned enemy Megan-Kate, but for now we have a new side to Evie – a side called Team F’N Kick.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Evie


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